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Global Adventures

  • Enjoying the Greek Sunshine

    Enjoying the Greek Sunshine 1

    Greetings from Naxos! The last time we spoke, we were headed to the lakeside town of Ioannina, where we had a chance to wander the streets and grab a bite for lunch. After exploring the town, we were off to the infamous winding roads of Greece for a mountain walk to tour some historic bridges. […]

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  • Island Hopping in Greece!

    Island Hopping in Greece! 2

    These past few weeks have been nothing short of amazing. From kayaking to white water rafting, to visiting the Acropolis, we’ve been having such a blast. We enjoyed a relaxing beach day in Syvota before starting our adventures off with sea kayaking and tubing. After kayaking the clear blue seas, we stopped for watermelon on […]

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  • From Paris to Rome and Everywhere in Between

    From Paris to Rome and Everywhere in Between 1

    We woke up in La Spezia, nearby beautiful Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre consists of five coastal villages carved into the sides of cliff-sides. Ready for our exciting day ahead, we wasted no time and headed to off for a hike from Vernazza to Riomaggiore, two of the five villages in the area. We finished at […]

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  • Ending our Amazing Adventure in Greece

    Ending our Amazing Adventure in Greece 1

    Last stop, Greece! When we arrived in Athens, we were all surprised by how different it was from all of the other cities we’ve visited so far. Athens is a bustling city built on thousands of years of history that has been proudly preserved and displayed for all to see. It was incredible to see […]

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