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Our 36th Summer Providing Outstanding Programs for Teens

Student Travel Programs with Westcoast Connection


See what we’ve been up to on our travels across the world!

36 Unforgettable Years & More than 33,000 Lives Forever Enriched

Feel the excitement of today’s version of that inaugural trip in our highlights video!

We’ve shown thousands of teens a meaningful, rewarding and truly special summer since 1983. Our first journey took 40 pioneering teens on the road to experience the beauty and adventure of National Parks in the Western USA and Canada along with the excitement of California.

More than three decades later, we’ve grown to offer student travel programs spanning 6 continents and have spent 36 years perfecting travel for teens all while staying close to our original roots.

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This was the best trip I have ever been on. I met amazing people and did amazing things. Every single thing was the best – hiking, amusement parks, biking. It is great to step outside your comfort zone and meet new people, make new friends and try new things.”

Olivia Joseph
Clayton, Missouri

Eden and Eli greeted us at the airport and their first words were “Thank you!” They could not have had a better experience. They made awesome friends, traveled to beautiful places and did incredible things. It was great to know our kids were traveling safely to other parts of the world. As their parents, we say, “Thank you!” to Westcoast Connection!”

Jessie & David Baker
South Glastonbury, Connecticut