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Outstanding Leaders

Great leadership is essential to each and every one of our programs, and our Directors and Leaders are a talented bunch! They’ve got a knack for building dynamic groups and creating a warm and welcoming environment. You’ll meet teachers, educators, and former camp counselors who double as travel experts, professional photographers, exercise enthusiasts, community volunteers and so much more!


The Program Director was great. Paige enjoyed her and she said she was very easy to talk with. Independence and excitement the whole trip!
Deborah & Craig Chernoff, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

The staff on the trip was terrific, communicated when needed, as was Chelsea in the office. Catherine made a bunch of new friends from all over. Truly an amazing experience for her. She had the most fabulous time and said she would 100% do another trip.
Lauren & Eric Bean, Franklin, Michigan

Program Director Lauren was amazing. She understood, connected with, and worked with Sydney & Zoey in a manner that far exceeded my expectations. The girls respected, listened, and LOVED her. She is someone that knows how to manage teenagers that seek freedom with the right guardrails to best manage them. There are no words to describe how incredible this program was. I have NO complaints, only praise for the staff, the director of the program and the team at WCC. In my girls words, “most incredible summer ever”!
Elise & Matt Wood, Delray Beach, Florida

Annabel had the most wonderful time on this trip and attributes that to her new friends, the program and the wonderful staff. She absolutely adored them. She could not say enough good things!! Thank you to them all!
Julianna & Michael Metzger, Chappaqua, New York

Miles said the staff were excellent!!!
Samantha Bederman, Toronto, Ontario

My daughter loved the Director Allie. She actually loved all the staff on her trip. They helped facilitate the best summer trip ever!!
Tracey & Scott Kauffman, Weston, Florida

The Program Director and staff made the trip seamless and were there to help in any and all ways. Best trip! Liv was happy the entire time and made the best of friends!
Stephanie & Steve Rosen, Franklin, Michigan

Bailey had a fantastic experience. She made new lifelong friends that she will continue to keep in touch with. The trip overall was seamless. I can’t even imagine the work that was put into coordinating the activities, hotels, meals, etc. Lauren her diretor was amazing! This was Bailey’s third WCC trip and she said Lauren was the best Program Director that she has had. The entire staff was excellent which made for a very fun experience. Well done WCC!!
Randi & Douglas Fried, New York, New York

The Northwestern Odyssey was very fun and all the people were so nice. It was an amazing experience. All the activities were great as well. I learned a lot of meaningful things from my Program Director Jamie like how to make others smile and laugh and make friends.
Tyler Haas, Boca Raton, Florida

Super fun activities and bus rides. The staff was amazing. Always fun, very welcoming, and caring. I learned so much and made so many friends. I’ve had an amazing summer!
Lexi Marcus, Santa Monica, California

From Arin’s account, Program Director Jen was excellent! She was organized and able to bring excellent experience to a large group.
Emilia & Jeffrey Miller, West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

Program Director Brad was an exceptional leader and his leader Vivian was beyond compare according to my Garrett. He made tremendous friends and felt included and valued. Westcoast does it again: Magic.
Marjorie & Kevin Recker, Sewickley, Pennsylvania

All the staff was great! Nathan loved the bond he had with his leader Ali – we heard a ton of great things about her! His director Jamie was great! He gave the group just enough space to explore while still being “safe”.
Bryan & Nathan Feuerberg, Boca Raton, Florida

My trip was a great experience, because I got to visit amazing places, surrounded by people I loved and vise-versa, and led by staff members who felt more like friendly and affectionate (but disciplining) older siblings than staff members. I loved being in Honolulu and balancing a city environment with a tropical getaway. WCC did a really good job of creating good and exciting activities that also allowed us to become a family.
Max Lerner, Roslyn, New York

The staff on my trip were exceptional. They were friendly, easy to connect with, and great people. The trip was spectacular. We saw so many amazing landmarks and views, and the activities were so fun.
Ben Resnick, Needham, Massachusetts

The Program Director was excellent and Masyn both respected and appreciated his balance of leadership and friendliness.
Jeffrey & Stacy Huttman, Boca Raton, Florida

I have been to camp before but nothing will surpass this program. I can’t even decide what is my favorite part because I loved this experience so much, it has meant so so much to me. I have never been put with a random group of people and felt so loved and safe and accepted. We were all constantly laughing, singing, dancing and enjoying the moments we spent together. Everyone went into everyday with a smile and worked so hard to help people and where so generous with everything. So many people on this trip made a difference in my life and are people that I will always remember but the people that had the biggest impact on me was the staff. I have never in my life had such amazing and inspiring staff in any part of my life. Each and everyone of them gave everything they had to helping people including us. They all went above and beyond to make everyone of us feel special and appreciated. These people will always be in my heart and I’m so sad to see them go. They were more than the people in charge, they were friends. And I truly think that that is the best thing that any staff member could be; someone to look up to, someone who you respect that respects you too, and that is something that they shared with everyone, respect. I will think about this program and the people I met for the rest of my life.
Grace Trotta, Toronto, Ontario

Excellent program and tour!!!!! Maddi’s director Andre was fabulous! He was kind, exciting, and fun, but he always maintained an appropriate level of mutual respect.
Pamela & Barry Schapiro, Parkland, Florida

I gained many new friendships from this Costa Rica Community Service program, learning more about teamwork and communications. The staff were so nice and communicative. Although they were our staff, they still acted as if they were our friends but also being role models. I gained so much from this program, making me want learn more and go on another service trip.
Lexi Wolf, Los Angeles, California

Henry had a great time and appreciated his staff and the trust they put in the kids.
Jeanne & Darren Fogel, Rye, New York

Jess was absolutely wonderful, we couldn’t have hoped for a better director. She was extremely involved with each child, had amazing initiatives to build the group during the stay, really created a positive group spirit and I can say that she has really made an impact on Claire. Jess is an amazing person and very talented director.
Susan & Remi Lassiaille, Vincennes, France

I can’t say enough good things about Ella’s director Annie and the entire staff on the trip. They went above and beyond to ensure the kids were safe, happy, and having the best time possible. Ella hasn’t stopped raving about Annie, Maddy, Dom, Jake, and Jordan. They were professional, responsible, and extremely fun. They were not just group leaders, but role models. THANK YOU ANNIE AND TEAM FOR TAKING SUCH GOOD CARE OF THE KIDS!
Shara & Danny Pelz, Miami, Florida

My leader was a fantastic person. She was so cool and nice and I liked how responsible, trustworthy, and kind she was to everyone. She is definitely a role model and someone I want to be like when I’m older.
Jessica Starnes, Mercer Island, Washington

I love the attitude that my Trip Director Rox brought to our group every single day and how caring and considerate she was towards every one of us.
Neen Jaiarj, Edina, Minnesota

I made a lot of new friends that I know I will keep in touch with after this trip. The leaders were very nice and made sure everyone was comfortable and went out of their way to make everyone happy.
Emily DeLuca, Smithtown, New York

My leader was AMAZING! She took things seriously and cared about us immensely, just incredible! I would love to go on another trip with her!!!!! I gained AMAZING new friends that will last a lifetime! I will never forget it.
Sophie Stern, Encino, California

Westcoast Connection allowed me to make new friends, travel the world, and embrace being independent and away from the comforts of home. The staff did an incredible job of bringing together our group and making us feel like a team and a family. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to explore new places and make new friends along the way!
Jake Goldberg, Boca Raton, Florida

This trip was absolutely amazing! The staff were a big part in making the trip so much better. There positivity, friendliness and encouragement always put a smile on my face and made me feel confident in everything I did. 100% would recommend!!!
Skylar Rouhi, Toronto, Ontario

Our Director Danielle deserves serious recognition for the amount of care she put into leading the trip. It was extraordinary to say the least.
Eli Metzger, Chappaqua, New York

I loved my leader Jeremy, he was the best. I felt like I was his brother. We got really close. We laughed all the times and I really hope I get to see him and keep in touch with him in the future.
Aiden Degabli, Northbrook, Illinois

I didn’t expect to have so much fun this summer being away from camp but I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend my summer with! The staff is absolutely amazing and made sure we were comfortable and happy at all times. SARA IS AMAZING!!!!!! She made me feel so comfortable and seriously catered to our every need. She was ALWAYS there for everyone and genuinely wanted us all to have the most incredible summer. She is such a nice, warm summer mom. I was scared to not be with my counselors from camp this summer but Sara was so comforting.
Ava Kotel, Short Hills, New Jersey

My trip director Scott was a great person to go to whenever you needed something. He always made sure we were safe, happy and having a good time.
Ella Mazer, Woodland Hills, California

I had the most amazing summer with Westcoast Connection. The staff were amazing on the trip and made the trip even better. All of the kids on the trip were also great. The activities were so much fun and I couldn’t have asked for a better trip.
Amanda Checkoff, Churchville, Pennsylvania

This trip was amazing! We saw all of the things I wanted to see and the staff made it amazing. It was great to have relatable counselors that made me welcome and build close relationships with.
Gracie Esherick, Bethesda, Maryland

My trip leader Arielle is such a fun and loving person that I want to be around constantly. No matter what the activity is or what we have planned for the day, she gives 100% energy and has truly made my summer. This has been one of the best summers yet, and I have made friendships that will last a lifetime!
Josh Buchwald, Parkland, Florida

The staff on my trip was excellent! Costa, Nicole, Andrea and Heaps, you guys were incredible and I can’t thank you enough. Your leadership, guidance and positivity made this trip amazing for all of us. The places we visited in Australia were amazing! I loved it there. Everything about this trip was great! It was an unforgettable experience and I surely won’t forget any of it ever. This trip taught me brand new things about traveling and it taught me a whole new side to the world in Australia and even Hawaii!
Mike Dym, Cote Saint Luc, Quebec

Ryan has been on three trips through Westcoast Connection. The staff are incredible and every year, he says the staff are better than the year before. This year is no exception. Thank you for hiring dedicated, motivated, and enthusiastic staff members who work hard to make sure the kids have a terrific summer!
Amy & Ian Zaslansky, Bellmore, New York

I had an amazing time on my trip. I met kids from all over the USA and Canada and was able to gain close relationships with many people. Derek was an amazing Trip Director and I had an amazing time with him.
Drew Frank, El Paso, Texas

My leader Evan is the best man I’ve ever met so kind. He is always helpful and just a fun guy in general.
Dylan Powis, Toronto, Ontario

Had a blast every minute! My leader Jeremy is the best person ever. So funny, kind, caring, polite, and we had a blast with him whether we were playing sports or just hanging.
Dylan Berke, Woodbridge, Connecticut

The staff can and will help you do anything on the trip and are lots of fun. They are your friends and help you make friends.
Jessie Barrett, Carmel, Indiana

Ben was an outstanding Trip Director. Easy to get along with. Helped everyone. Super funny. Encouraged everyone. Pushed everyone to do their best. WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.
Dylan Wilner, Livingston, New Jersey

Westcoast Connection was an unforgettable experience and it was super fun! I made many new friends and tried many new things. My leader Witnee was so super sweet and amazing, very helpful.
Jordyn Shapiro, Highland Park, Illinois

My trip leader Ozzy is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. An absolutely great person. One of the most outgoing people I know and I have the upmost respect for him.
Max Steinberg, Kelowna, British Columbia

This trip was great. I made close friends for life and it does not limit to the trip members. The staff on my trip were all fun and helpful, so I felt like they were also my friends. The activities are awesome and I definitely think this was an experience that made my summer 100% better.
Alika Reshetnikova, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This is a great program. It gives us a chance to meet new friends, take amazing courses, and have the best summer ever. My Program Director was very nice and I felt like I could talk to her about anything. She did everything for us to make us happy, found us some really fun activities, planned really fun days and I’m very thankful to have had her as my Program Director.
Emily Wallace, Boca Raton, Florida

I had a wonderful experience on this trip. The staff was amazing, and I learned the importance of trying new things. I made new friends while traveling to some of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. I’m so glad I chose this trip and would recommend it to everyone.
London McBride, Glencoe, Illinois

The staff were beyond my expectations. Without these amazing staff my summer would not even be comparable to what it was. Visited every location that one would like to see.
Justin Hirscheimer, Hampstead, Quebec

Awesome trip that I gained so much from. The counselors were awesome and provided a great experience and an open setting to meet new people and explore the west coast. My leader Ryan was an absolute god who did so much to make this trip the best it possibly could be and made it so much fun while also looking out and being responsible.
Isaac Lenner, Short Hills, New Jersey

I can’t say enough positive things about Anna’s Trip Director Rob. He showed so much compassion, honesty, friendship and love to Anna. He taught her so much about the importance of community service and being open and giving to others. He truly touched her heart and I know she will never forget him. I felt confident and assured that Anna was truly being cared for, respected and heard by Rob. He was invested in making sure that she got everything possible out of this very special experience. I also feel that he empowered her to feel more confident in expressing her feelings and being open. Our whole family is extremely grateful to Rob for being such an important part of Anna’s very special time in Hawaii. Anna has said many times that the best parts of her trip were the friends she made and the meaningful service. She has done service at home before and is now even more motivated to give more of herself and her time. She said she also loved doing the zip lines, and snorkeling!
Jennifer & Mitch Behm, Potomac, Maryland

My Director was amazing and so kind and I felt like I could talk to her about anything. She made this trip even better. Everything was amazing and these have been the best weeks of my life.
Danielle Yahalom, Needham, Massachusetts

Margo said it was by far her best summer. She LOVED all the activities, restaurants, kids, and leaders. I’ve never heard her so enthusiastic! She said the Trip Director went over and beyond every day and truly listened to the kids and reacted immediately to any suggestions that they had.
Melissa Boxer, Scarsdale, New York

Westcoast is amazing! The staff was amazing! They really showed how much they cared about all of us throughout the summer, and I could not have asked for better staff.
Jaymie Heller, Toronto, Ontario

Our Director is an incredible human being. He goes out of his way to make sure everyone feels comfortable and makes an effort to make a connection with every kid on the trip. His personality is impeccable as I’ve never seen someone who has so much love and energy 24/7. Everyone who is fortunate to connect with him is incredibly lucky.
Dylan Kransdorf, Short Hills, New Jersey

Moriah was the BEST STAFF EVER!! My best friend and I loved her. She’s so sweet and would take the time to talk to you and was enough of a friend that you can trust her and bond with her but enough of a staff that everyone respected and listened to her. 10/10.
Cheyanne Baran, Notre Dame de Ile Perrot, Quebec

My Trip Director Reed was so caring, and showed that he wanted to spend his summer with us.
Miriam Shomstein, Prague, Czech Republic

Jake loved his trip to Australia & Hawaii. I think it was extremely well run and he absolutely loved the trip leader James as well as the other staff. Jake really liked James. He was respected by the kids on the tour but also had the correct balance of fun and friendship. He did a great job leading this tour Jake said. Very impressed by his photo uploads as well as blogs! We loved James!
Melissa & Jeffrey Herskowitz, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

I had an amazing time with so many great activities and the best leaders possible. My Director Taylor is the most loving and friendly person. She was incredibly calm and laid back but still managed to keep everything under control. She knows exactly how to make people feel welcome and happy. She is a great person to direct a trip and hang out with in general.
Daphne Baker, Westport, Connecticut

Our Trip Director Jamie is one of the best people I have ever met. He’s so caring and willing to do everything and anything for anyone. I have never met someone so loving and full of life. He definitely made this trip one I will never ever forget.
Ashley Krol, Brooklyn, New York

OMG!! Where do I begin but to say Chloe’s Director Danielle is AWESOME!! Her friendliness, support, professionalism was far beyond any parent could ever hope for! Chloe has told me that she helped her grow in ways she never thought she would. She developed a sense of security and independence and personal growth. SHE TOLD ME THIS!! These are HER words she wrote to me while on the trip!!! I was sooo happy to hear that she had this type of introspection. Her support (whether a lot or a little or you just being open to her) enabled her to do this! I thank you from the bottom of my heart this trip will never be forgotten by Chloe as per all the amazing adventures that she had but also a pivotal moment where she grew as a person… she will NEVER forget the trip nor will she ever forget Danielle.
Jodi & Jerold Grill, Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec

Matty loved his experience. It enabled him to enjoy his time away from his parents and gave him the freedom to grow socially, emotionally and gain responsibility. The Trip Director and staff were amazing!!! Their communication with us far exceeded our expectations!!!
Deena Strauss & Seth Kornblau, Chappaqua, New York

This was a fun trip. My Trip Leader Carolyn was super fun, energetic, positive, and very responsible.
Brett Davidson, Huntington Woods, Michigan

This trip was amazing because everyone gave it their all and was willing to help one another. This was my first service trip and everything exceeded expectations. The leaders were amazing and always put us first no matter what. I can’t wait to come back next year!
Brukie Kassa, Columbus, Ohio

The staff was amazing and did all they could to make this the trip of a lifetime. Our Trip Director Skylar did everything he could to make us feel like family, and to make us feel good about ourselves. He was amazing.
William Salsberg, Hartsdale, New York

This was such an amazing and fun experience!!! I got to try so many new things with new friends. My Director is the best person ever. She’s so nice and sweet and she was always there to help. You can tell she cares about all of us on our trip and she did everything she could to make it the amazing experience it was. She was amazing and I love her so much. The trip would not have been the same without her.
Sydney Russell, Toronto, Ontario

Westcoast Connection was one of the best experiences of my life. Derek was flat out awesome and I’m really glad he was my Trip Director.
Ethan Abraham, Scarsdale, New York

The staff is absolutely amazing. They are always positive, friendly, and willing to help others. This trip offers so much, and I think it is such a great experience that others should be a part of.
Oriana Natsis, London, England

Jeremy was one of my favorite counselors. 10/10 deserves a raise.
Aidan Peters, New York, New York

On this trip you meet amazing people, and you do not just make amazing friends of a lifetime but you also become super close with your staff. WCC really did a great job picking the counselors. Jess was so great to have as a Director and I will really miss her because she always had everything prepared really well and made the trip amazing! She also pushed me to take risks and do SO many things I would have never tried on my own and I ended up loving them.
Marlee Kroll, Birmingham, Michigan

WCC did a great job making everyone feel a part of something. They gave the kids a family type vibe. The counselors were also amazing. My leader is amazing. He is kind, funny, and cool. He is so chill and down to Earth. I truly can’t say enough good things about him. From the day I met him, I knew he was going to be an amazing counselor and friend. Everyone likes him, and it’s for a good reason. This trip gave me a whole new perspective on everything. It was such an amazing three weeks.
Jake Meyrowitz, Chappaqua, New York

My Trip Leader Carolyn was AMAZING. She was such a nice and friendly person, and was super easy to talk to. WCC was good at making everyone feel comfortable with all of the people, and making sure everyone knew each other.
Brayden Klein, Westport, Connecticut

Our Trip Director Sally is amazing in every way! I honestly look up to her and I am so beyond happy that I had her as my Trip Director. She’s the sweetest person on the planet and made sure that our group had everything we needed and were on time and ready to go morning and night! She’s phenomenal at what she does and I could not have imagined my summer without her! Not only did this trip change my life, I could easily tell that it changes others! I made lifelong friends and went on adventures to the most beautiful places and met the most incredible people while doing it! Thank you for the most amazing 25 days!
Leni Steinhardt, Parkland, Florida

I loved it! It was so much fun and the people and staff were amazing. Our Trip Director Lindsey is
AMAZING! Always spreading positive vibes in the group and taking care of each and every one of us. My favorite part of the program was the part in Chiang Mai with the kids and the elephants. I also liked the night market and the temples. I learned about Thai culture and tasted different kinds of food. I met amazing people that I will never forget.
Andrea Ghattas, Metn, Lebanon

I love my leader Sol. The trip experience certainly would not have been the same without her. She is easy to talk to and we bonded almost immediately. She treats us like we are young adults and respects us and our opinions. She managed to become my friend while still being an authority figure that I have great respect for.
Thalia Feeney, Syosset, New York

I had the best staff ever and I made a lot of friends.
Zeno Santarelli, Rome, Italy

Cortney was easily one of my favorite Trip Directors I’ve ever had. She always made sure everyone — including the other staff — was before herself. Cortney always had jokes to tell and made sure every kid was always cared for and that she had a relationship with everyone. I’m going to miss Cortney so much. She always took our feedback into consideration and allowed us to have a lot of freedom but also always made sure we were safe. This is my second summer with Eliel as a staff, and I couldn’t have been happier when I saw him at the airport. I had Eliel on the California Sprint and had an awesome relationship with him then, and had an even better relationship this summer. Eliel is smart, always knows what’s going on, and is always cracking jokes. Taylor was not only my staff but one of my best friends on the trip. Taylor was always down to have fun, made sure we knew we can be ourselves without any judgment, and presented herself in a way that she was not only trustworthy and mature, but gave awesome advice when we needed help — no matter the issue. Taylor made me love Westcoast even more than I already do and really made me want to be a Westcoast counselor in the future.
Alexa Finuoli, Melville, New York

The staff members are amazing, and very flexible with the students’ needs and wants.
Paloma Romero-Salas, Muntinlupa, Philippines

I had the trip of a lifetime. My Trip Director Kim, and my Trip Leaders Lauren, Jess, Jon, and Ryan worked together seamlessly. The friends I made will last a lifetime, and the sights I saw of Europe will be remembered forever.
Kate Adler, Villanova, Pennsylvania

WCC never let us feel alone or homesick, and they took care of all of us so well. I met with so many good people. Thank you for my Program Director and all the leaders. They were amazing.
Bengisu Guripek, Istanbul, Turkey

Emily had the best time and would love to do the trip again (and again and again and again!). This trip was the perfect balance of fun and exploring the beauty of Hawaii, while making positive community contributions. Her Trip Director Rob was the “BEST EVER” and “like a Dad” who took great care of his group. He was totally invested in making sure everyone in the group was having a great time and doing what they wanted to do, getting all the photo ops they wanted, etc. They felt totally comfortable and safe with him. A+++++ Thanks so much for the awesome adventure!
Katherine Nordberg Furr, Chappaqua, New York

Jordyn had the best time! She loved all of the fun activities especially in Portugal and loved Barcelona. It was a nice mix of beach towns and museums. Jordyn LOVED Shelly, the Trip Director. She thought she was amazing and really cared for the teens. She thought she was great at assessing their needs. She thought the whole itinerary was super organized and a really well-run program.
Heidi & Michael Axelrod, Short Hills, New Jersey

I was so lucky to have Kurt as our Director. He is amazing and one of the best people I have ever met. If I could rate him as a Director, I would give him a 20 out of 10!
Alex Prusky, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

The staff on Westcoast is amazing! They know when to be serious but also can joke around with you and have a good time! I felt very comfortable with all the staff on my trip even though I’ve known them for a short amount of time! The staff on my trip had a huge influence on making my summer amazing!
Cara Flyer, Short Hills, New Jersey

Thank you so much for giving Shea an experience of a lifetime on his trip to Italy and Greece. Though he enjoyed the trip immensely, it was his Director Boh’s influence upon him that he talks about the most. For me, the gifts he gave him – guidance, friendship, encouragement, inspiration… are far more significant and impactful than anything else he could have experienced. Thank you for influencing Shea in such a positive way.
Sandy Gordon, Armonk, New York

This was our fourth trip with Westcoast Connection and it exceeded expectations again. Well-planned itinerary, great communication, what an adventure! What Sam talked about most was the staff! In practically every communication with Sam throughout the program, Sam told us how much he liked, respected, and appreciated all of the staff. I was impressed with the idea that not only did Sam think they were “fun” and “cool”, but it sounded like he engaged in meaningful conversation with them. It’s wonderful to have “fun” counselors and more important, ones that go to great lengths to insure safety and care of their “campers”, but to have ones that serve as role models/mentors/older siblings throughout the summer is a beautiful bonus. Thank you for another incredible trip!
Mindy & Mitchell Blum, Aventura, Florida

My staff was amazing, and I felt a personal connection to each one. They gave me a “WOW” summer. This summer has really been amazing.
Jordan Rice, Chicago, Illinois

The Director Nick was amazing and made the trip that much better for Ethan. Ethan loved the sights and the whole experience of Spain, but he truly enjoyed meeting new friends and interacting with the group. We credit both his staff Nick and Alex with allowing the kids the freedom to be themselves in a safe, inclusive environment. Thanks for a great trip.
Dara & Daniel Jeck, Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania

The staff are really experienced and made extraordinary efforts to make connections with all of the kids and bring out the best in each person and activity. Our Director Kim is one of the nicest and most caring people I know. She always made sure everyone was happy and taken care of. She always made me laugh and put a smile on my face. All summer she trained me to be a future staff and has made me so excited to hopefully be a part of the Westcoast family once again in the future. Jon was such a caring and compassionate trip leader. He always made people laugh and help everyone make the trip the best it could be. Jon and I bonded in ways that made me smile and I’m so glad he was one of my leaders. Ty was really cool and made the trip so fun. He always had a smile on his face and cared about you. I’m so glad he was a part of this trip. Cortney was so much fun to be around and made my days on the trip so enjoyable. Being in her staff group made us closer and I’m so thankful to have her as a one of my trip leaders.
Elizabeth Eaton, Parkland, Florida