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A Job Like No Other

We are committed to providing each and every participant on our programs with the summer of a lifetime, and our entire team plays a key role in achieving this goal, whether they are working as Summer Leaders, or providing support behind-the-scenes from our offices. If you’re a dedicated, enthusiastic, and energetic team player who enjoys working with teens, you’ll fit right in with the WCC family.

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Summer Travel Jobs

These are the ultimate summer jobs for people who enjoy working with and being a role model for teens and want the opportunity to lead an unforgettable summer experience!


Summer Office Jobs

Join our summer operations team and support our Summer Leaders and directors in the field, helping our programs run smoothly and keeping families informed.

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Full-Time Jobs

Our passionate team works year round, committed to creating the summer of a lifetime for each and every teen that joins our summer programs.


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Why Work With Us?

We’ll be the first to admit that being a Summer Leader is not an easy job and it comes with a lot of responsibility. But done right, the experience of being a role model for teens, collaborating with amazing colleagues, and exploring the world is incredibly rewarding! You’ll quickly become part of the family and see the incredible teamwork and expertise that goes into creating our summer programs.

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Who We’re Looking For

We’re looking for proactive problem solvers who can work in a fast-paced, and sometimes high-pressure environment. Our summer staff are educators, college and university students, former camp counselors, student affairs professionals, community volunteers, world travelers, and other individuals with all kinds of diverse backgrounds. And whether in the office or on the road, we’re looking for responsible, adaptive, and energetic team-players who are committed to creating unforgettable summer experiences for teens.

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Our Priorities

No matter what role you play in our team, safety is the number one priority. Nothing is more important to us than the physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being of our participants and staff. In addition to our unwavering commitment to safety, our mission is to create life-changing experiences that teens remember as the best of their lives. We expect all members of our team, whether on the road or in the office, to do their part in providing each and every participant on our programs with the Summer of a Lifetime.

Staff Testimonials

Each summer I come back to Westcoast I always worry that it won’t be as good as the last, but every summer I am blown away because it just keeps getting better! While the places we visit and activities we do are phenomenal, there’s nothing more special than seeing a group teens come in as strangers and become life-long friends in just a few weeks. The connections that are made on WCC trips are unlike any other. I am so lucky to be able to guide teens as they take on new challenges and grow both socially and emotionally. It’s truly the best summer job! Being a staff on a WCC trip is hard work but I always felt supported along the way. The people in our Westcoast world are truly the best and are always there to help when necessary. At the end of each summer I always look back and have the best memories from my WCC trips!
Allie R.

As a Program Leader, each year has been a unique and unforgettable experience. Thanks to Westcoast, I have met so many different people, including staff, teens, and locals, who all share different stories. I have been given the chance to not only discover parts of the world but to reciprocate feelings of inspiration and positivity that are produced by these programs. Westcoast honestly created opportunities that helped me grow as a person and I took them by simply putting my best foot forward and by getting to know each person encountered. Each program I’ve done has been the best time ever, and I would recommend any program, whether it’s a discovery, adventure, community service, or pre-college program to anybody!!!! Much love to my Westcoast family and to everyone I’ve met throughout my experiences in this great organization!
Joaquín M.

Each time I gush about my experiences with Westcoast Connection, I get a similar response, “You get paid to travel, doesn’t the job sort of sell itself?!” I respond the same way each time, “You’re mistaken, this job is SO much more than that.” Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful for the travel opportunities I am allowed by working with the company. However, what makes WCC so special is how much it allows both program leaders and participants to grow as people. I have grown to be more culturally sensitive and accepting of people, while learning to be a more generous, selfless and caring person. Working with such first class co-staff has pushed me to be the best possible program leader and person I can possibly be. Interacting and learning from such remarkable people has taught me invaluable skills I will take with me through all of my future endeavors. I can’t stress enough how amazing the company (and its programs) are. I dread the day that I am no longer able to lead trips with Westcoast Connection. Thank you so much for everything!
Brittany G.

I just finished my 6th year of teaching high school, and nothing I have experienced in those 6 years compares to what I experienced in 3 weeks of Pre-College Enrichment Montreal. There is something special about watching students learn for the purpose of learning and not for earning an A. Students were engaged in learning, excited to attend class, and eager to complete and present homework. They took charge and had reason behind the courses they selected. Having the opportunity to witness this first hand and get to know this amazing group of teens was a refreshing and heartwarming change from just teaching them math!
Staci G.

Being a Program Director on a WCC program can be summed up in the following sentence: a meaningful and inspiring summer adventure filled with a lifetime of memories. As a teacher with my summers off, there is no other job that is as fun or meaningful, for both myself and the teens I work with. Westcoast gives you the ability to staff incredible programs to amazing places around the world, and build lifelong friendships and relationships along the way. The places you will see and the memories you will make are worth every second!
Lauren G.

There are many reasons why I enjoy being a program director on Westcoast Connection programs. You get to meet amazing teens, work with incredible staff, visit the coolest places, and participate in the wildest activities. Best of all, each year I look forward to seeing these 40+ teens who all just met, step out of their comfort zones and grow as people. The mentorship this job entails is the reason why I come back each year!
Marc C.

I originally applied to Westcoast Connection thinking it would be a one time thing. Five programs, three different roles, and 12 years later, there aren’t enough words to describe how much WCC has meant to me. I feel so lucky to get to come back and work with awesome people, meet, mentor, and laugh with incredible kids, and see some pretty cool places with a bunch of teens in tow. WCC allows me to bring my full self to work everyday and they support me, challenge me, and most importantly, make me feel a part of the family. The best part is that I am not even unique. Most staff come back year after year. We see each other out on the road or at training weekends, and it’s a true testament to the type of company WCC is. The westcoast connection is real!
Sam T.

Being a Program Leader means more than leading a group of teenagers through an incredible and memorable summer. Being a Program leader means taking those extra few minutes to ask how a participant is feeling that day. Being a Program Leader means getting the participants hyped about rafting even if you are secretly scared or exhausted. Being a Program Leader means wiping away the tears when a participant is feeling homesick and replacing it with a smile. Being a Program Leader is exhilarating, challenging, incredible and terrifying all in one. However, being a Program Leader means giving participants the summer of a lifetime. Being a Program Leader means making real changes in the lives of youth all around the world. Being a Program Leader is probably the best job you can have. It may have it’s rough times, but oh how the good times are worth it!
Mia T.

I had the privilege of being a part of the staff team for this summer’s program, and I can confidently say that it was the best summer ever! The experience of working with such a dedicated and passionate group of individuals, as well as witnessing the personal growth of the participants, was truly remarkable. From the engaging activities and experiences to the strong sense of camaraderie within the team, every moment was filled with positive energy and excitement. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful and impactful program. This summer will forever hold a special place in my heart.
Julia M.

Directing a Westcoast Teen Tour this summer was incredible in so many ways. I feel as though I’ve grown so much as a person and developed skills to make me a better educator. I feel so fulfilled by the impact I’ve been able to have on my staff and participants. I felt so supported by the company. Westcoast truly feels like a family and I’m so grateful for the opportunity that I was given to lead a group and give so many people the summer of a lifetime.
Carly Z.

Westcoast offers staff an opportunity not only to travel the world and to have a Summer of a lifetime but also to truly make a difference in the lives of teenagers when they are at such a crucial point in their lives. Being a Program Leader at Westcoast has changed me for the best, and I am so grateful to Westcoat for all that they stand for, the environment that they have created and sustain from year to year, and for all of the moments and memories that touch so many hearts.
Chris S.

I could not be happier to have had the opportunity to work with Westcoast Connection as a program leader. I felt a sense of belonging immediately after meeting the other staff, and left training weekend feeling prepared and capable. All throughout the program, every detail was accounted for and well organized. The entire experience was truly life changing and something I will never forget. It was impossible not to leave the program with a full heart and optimistic outlook on the world – there are amazing people out there that can teach us so much if we allow them to, the teens are leaders in the making and are sure to contribute to a bright future. I feel so lucky to have seen what I’ve seen alongside some of the best people I’ve ever met.
Madeline F.

There is not enough good that I can say about WCC Community Service programs. This is my second summer and service program with WCC. To me, there’s no better thought than traveling and giving back. Wait there is, watching up to 24 teens come together and become a family as they embark on various projects in beautiful places around the world. I feel lucky and blessed to witness this summer after summer. WCC Community Service programs give a new meaning to service and leaves these teens with a great sense of pride and unity. It makes you feel so good. Leading a service program is truly the best of both worlds that I love being a part of.
Jessica D.