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A Job Like No Other

So, you want to work with us at Westcoast Connection? Awesome! We are committed to providing each and every participant on our programs with the summer of a lifetime, and our staff play a key role in achieving this goal. If you’re a dedicated, enthusiastic, and energetic team-player who enjoys working with teens and understands the value of learning through travel, you’ll fit right in with the WCC family.

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Travel Jobs

These are the ultimate summer jobs for people who enjoy working with teens and love to travel. We’re looking for responsible, adaptive, and energetic people who are committed to creating unforgettable summer experiences for teens.


Office Jobs

We’re looking for detail-oriented problem-solvers to help support our summer staff in the field and make sure our programs run smoothly. If you’ve got what it takes, we’d love to hear from you!

Staff Testimonials

As a Program Leader, each year has been a unique and unforgettable experience. Thanks to Westcoast, I have met so many different people, including staff, teens, and locals, whom all share different stories. I have been given the chance to not only discover parts of the world but to reciprocate feelings of inspiration and positivity that are produced by these trips. Westcoast honestly created opportunities that helped me grow as a person and I took them by simply putting my best foot forward and by getting to know each person encountered. Each trip I’ve done has been the best trip ever, and I would recommend any trip, whether it’s a discovery, adventure, community service, or language trip to anybody!!!! Much love to my Westcoast family and to everyone I’ve met throughout my experiences in this great organization!
Joaquín M.

I absolutely love being a staff! It’s such a fun, exciting and rewarding position that pushes me to reach outside my comfort zone and be a positive role model and mentor for the teenagers I get to work with!
Jessica G.

Literally the best job in the world! I can’t thank Westcoast Connection enough for the experiences I’ve had doing this “job”. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many different destinations and participate in great activities. The participants are fun to be with and the overall experience is nothing but positive!
Ryan L.

Knowing I’ll be working for Westcoast each summer gets me through the year! Most rewarding job on the planet!!
Ashley S.

Each time I gush about my experiences with Westcoast Connection, I get a similar response, “You get paid to travel, doesn’t the job sort of sell itself?!” I respond the same way each time, “You’re mistaken, this job is SO much more than that.” Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful for the travel opportunities I am allowed by working with the company. However, what makes WCC so special is how much it allows both program leaders and participants to grow as people. I have grown to be more culturally sensitive and accepting of people, while learning to be a more generous, selfless and caring person. Working with such first class co-staff has pushed me to be the best possible program leader and person I can possibly be. Interacting and learning from such remarkable people has taught me invaluable skills I will take with me through all of my future endeavors. I can’t stress enough how amazing the company (and its programs) are. I dread the day that I am no longer able to lead trips with Westcoast Connection. Thank you so much for everything!
Brittany G.

Leading a Westcoast community service trip is the best way to spend a summer! You get to travel to amazing locations, work with incredible teens and staff, and help communities from around the world! As someone who has been volunteering locally and internationally my whole life, to be able to share the value of service and giving back with teens is such a powerful and rewarding experience for me, the trip members, and the people we help.
Madison H.

Being a Program Leader is one of the most fulfilling jobs I’ve ever had. Travelling with a group is an incredible experience where you learn so much about the world, yourself and everyone around you. It’s very meaningful to be trusted with the responsibility of guiding teenagers on this unforgettable journey of discovery.
Delaney O.

I just finished my 6th year of teaching high school, and nothing I have experienced in those 6 years compares to what I experienced in 3 weeks of Pre-College Enrichment Montreal. There is something special about watching students learn for the purpose of learning and not for earning an A. Students were engaged in learning, excited to attend class, and eager to complete and present homework. They took charge and had reason behind the courses they selected. Having the opportunity to witness this first hand and get to know this amazing group of teens was a refreshing and heartwarming change from just teaching them math!
Staci G.

While being a participant on three WCC trips and witnessing first-hand the profound impact that staff can make on a trip member’s life, I was so excited to have the opportunity to be a trip leader. However, my experience being a program leader exceeded any expectations that I ever had. Being a program leader this summer was one of the best experiences of my life! I formed such strong connections with my co-staff as well as my participants and my life has been forever changed by this opportunity. I grew so much as a person and had the opportunity to improve my leadership skills as well. It was so incredible to get to know each and every trip member and see how much they all grew over the course of the trip. Our trip family became so close and we created friendships and memories which I know will last a lifetime.
Amy P.