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International Students

We Welcome Students From All Around the World!

Many international teenagers have traveled with us over our 40 years operating fantastic summer programs for teenagers. We look forward to giving you a fun, safe, unforgettable summer. Below are a few helpful notes about joining our programs.

English Language Skills – Required Level And Opportunity To Improve

Our programs are conducted in English. Students joining us from overseas must have at least a beginner, basic understanding of the English language in order to participate.

Many international students have used our experiences as an opportunity to improve their English language skills as about 85% of our enrollment is American. We limit the number of students from a given country on each program and can, if you like, assign international students to an English-speaking roommate. As an option with no additional cost, we can also arrange private English lessons or conversations one-on-one on different topics with our staff. This can be arranged daily or a few times a week as desired.

Explore our complete list of Pre-College Enrichment courses which include English As a Second Language and other course options available for students who want to develop their English language skills.

Ages & Grades

As we attempt to provide the best social experiences possible, we try to group participants of similar ages together. On our website and in our brochures, we indicate eligibility for a program by the “grade completed” before the summer. We understand that every country’s educational system is different so here is a helpful guide for international participants of how grades relate to age:

Grade Completed In USA & Canada This Age By Summer
8 14 years old (some 13)
9 15 years old (some 14)
10 16 years old (some 15)
11 17 years old (some 16)
12 18 years old (some 17)

Language Translation Of Our Website

To translate our website to the language of your choice, scroll to the bottom of this webpage and use the dropdown to select the language of your choice.

Dates Of Travel

The dates listed are the dates students fly from the USA and land back in the USA. For example, for European trips, the departure date listed is the date we leave the USA. Please confirm the dates of travel with us prior to purchasing flights.

Safety Rules

Safety is our highest priority. To promote a safe environment, our rules include no drugs, alcohol, smoking or illegal activity. Participants are not allowed to leave the group without permission; this includes leaving one’s room after curfew. During lunch and certain activities, participants must stay in groups of 2-3 or more (varies by program type). For more information, please call us or visit Safety First.


You are responsible for obtaining any required entry visas in a timely manner. Contact the local Embassy or Consulate of Countries you will be visiting for details on any required visas. For more details, visit Passports & Visas.

  • For Programs to the USA: If you require a visa, due to the brief period of time of our programs, you should obtain a short stay B-2 TOURIST visa (NOT a STUDENT visa) from the American Embassy or Consulate in your home country.
  • For Programs to Canada: Citizens (from visa-exempt countries) who enter Canada by air require an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The form takes just a few minutes to complete.

Refund If Visa Denied or Travel Ban

For international students who reside outside North America and are attending a program within North America and are unable to obtain a visa or are traveling from a country that has a travel ban in place to North America prior to June 1 will be eligible to (1) transfer their enrollment to another program; (2) roll-over their enrollment to Summer 2025; or (3) receive a full-refund less $450.

If you decide to cancel for a reason aside from being unable to obtain a visa or are traveling from a country that has a travel ban in place, our regular payment terms apply.

Flights – Check With Us Before Purchasing

Please check with us prior to booking any non-refundable airfare! This avoids costly mistakes later on.

To ensure a smooth first and last day, we require everyone to arrive and depart in the appropriate time frame for that trip. Due to the number of students traveling, time parameters provided for your program must be followed. This allows us to greet flights properly upon arrival. We cannot be responsible for airline change fees, extra fees incurred or for missed activities due to flights booked outside our guidelines.

Complimentary Airport Greeting And Transfer

We will greet you at the airport after you come through immigration and customs. We transfer you to the accommodations with no added fee as long as you arrive in our designated times. Our staff will be wearing clothing with our Westcoast Connection logo and have a sign with your name on it for easy recognition upon arrival.

Complimentary Night Stay Before Certain Programs

For our teen tours, global adventures and community service programs in the USA, Canada, and Central or South America, as a special service for our overseas participants, if you are flying directly from overseas, you can join us the night prior to the program’s official start date with no additional cost for the hotel night. One of our chaperones will greet you at the airport after you come through immigration and customs and supervise without any added fee.

On our Pre-College Enrichment programs in Montreal and Los Angeles and Career Experience in NYC, our arrival times are later in the day and you can fly in on the first day similar to our American and Canadian students. If you are flying directly from overseas, and wish to get on our local time zone to rest an extra night, you can join us the night prior to the program’s official start date for the additional cost of one night at the college residence, airport transfer, and meals.

Tuition Includes

Tuition is in US Dollars and includes accommodations, entertainment and activities described, airport transfers in designated times, gratuities, taxes, breakfast and dinner daily. Lunches included varies by program, please see individual programs. We will recommend an amount of weekly spending money for personal purchases and souvenirs. Spending money should be by Credit or Debit card.


Payments can be made by credit card, check on a U.S. Bank or wire transfer.

Travel Protection for Residents Outside of the U.S. & Canada

Travel insurance is highly recommended for all participants. When choosing an insurance plan, please be sure the plan covers for cancellation, interruption and medical including Covid-related sickness.

Please call or email us to review any special arrangements (or to set up a video call) so we can help make your trip more convenient. We look forward to sharing an incredible experience with your family!