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Repeat Travelers Say it Best!

With so many exciting destinations to explore and different types of programs to experience, teens who have been with us before are often eager to do it all over again! Repeat travelers come back knowing they’ll get to try new things and make lifelong friendships. If you didn’t think you could top your first experience with us, think again!


This was my third Westcoast Connection program, and they do everything so well. I haven’t had a staff member that didn’t feel like family by the end of the trip. This trip was super cool because we saw so many unique places in three weeks.
Jessie Barrett, Carmel, Indiana

I went into the trip not knowing what to expect. Having been on two previous trips that were amazing, I was scared this trip was not going to feel the same. Even just the first day, the overall group bonded so well together, we were like a family. I’m really going to miss the group all together, and the staff, but I will forever be grateful for the memories and friendships made.
Jade Leber, Westmount, Quebec

I am so thankful for Westcoast for giving me such a fun summer two years in a row. Both years the staff have been so engaged, welcoming, and are all around very unique and amazing people. The activities are also like no other and are things I would never do on my own. Both years traveling with Westcoast I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and would not change a thing.
Olivia Wells, Pooler, Georgia

Once again, we had another amazing experience with WCC. Henry said it was an AMAZING group of kids and leaders. From the friends he made, to the amazing sites they saw and activities they participated in, everything was wonderful. Thanks for helping make lasting memories for our kids. It was not our first experience with WCC and it will not be our last. THANK YOU!!
Stacey & Steven Gursten, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

This is our fourth summer with Westcoast, the first for Alex and Theo. According to the twins, they had an extraordinary time. 10/10. Thank you for another incredible summer!
Lilian & Marc Shuster, Hollywood, Florida

Overall excellent, caring, fun, responsible and safe staff. We are a returning Westcoast family. Our son went to California. This is why our expectations are in line with what Westcoast does. What surpassed are the unique and rich relationships Sarit developed with staff.
Hyla & Edward Nagel, Toronto, Ontario

That trip was so special and each year I do a Westcoast trip it feels more and more like family. The relationships and friendships I have made with people are like no other, and I can’t thank the staff enough. Thank you all.
Brianna Rudnet, Woodbury, New York

Lifelong friends and experiences. Evie is our youngest so it’s the last teen tour for our family! 3rd one with your company and all have been incredible!
Jill Pearlman, Bethesda, Maryland

Jake had an incredible time on his second WCC trip and I hope my other son can participate on the same tour. From the varied activities, hikes and travel – this was a trip of a lifetime and I’m so grateful Jake was able to experience it all. Thank you to the wonderful staff for overseeing their tour, making sure everyone was safe and providing these kids with everlasting memories. Highly recommend WCC.
Michele & Jason Kaplan, Short Hills, New Jersey

Another successful tour in the books!!! New friends, more confidence, more worldly. Looking forward to more!
Robbi & Brian Auerbach, Plantation, Florida

Westcoast is a place where kids come from all identities, cultures, and backgrounds and come together as a small community. With the help of amazing staff, they put together the summer of a lifetime! This is my fourth trip on WCC and it just keeps getting better!!
Matty Kornblau, Chappaqua, New York

Max loved his leaders and all local guides. The stars were aligned for his trip. He had the time of his life. We are so glad his final Westcoast trip was the best one yet. He had the time of his life, gained perspective about the world, made close friends and just generally came home happier than I’ve seen him since the pandemic. Don’t be surprised if he inquires about working for Westcoast in the future. I can’t thank you enough!
Stacey & Steven Scolnik, Wilton, Connecticut

This was my second Westcoast trip. Both times I’ve come with a friend, and I leave with at least 100 more. Everyone is always so nice! The staff are always even nicer. If it’s your first time or your third, Westcoast is the best way to spend your summer away. With all the different options of once in a lifetime trips, I’d recommend it to anyone.
Alexis Murchison-Smith, Chatham Township, New Jersey

Samantha had a fabulous time on the trip. From what I gather, it sounds like a great combination of both touring and community service. She met two girls last year on a WCC trip and they decided to do another trip together this year. I would highly recommend it. She has made great friends from all over the country.
Mara & Andrew Moss, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Caroline had a great time. She loved her trip last year and she loved her trip this year as well. She made some great friends and overall had a great experience. She was sad when it was over.
Mary McAnally, Deerfield, Illinois

My experience at Westcoast has been so fun for the past two summers. I have met so many staff members and participants that have impacted me immensely and made my summers all the more fun. I have visited locations that many do not get to visit and am grateful for my time with WCC.
Maddie Posner, New York, New York

Lifetime experience. Second in a row. Already referred four people and thank you!
Andrew & Linda Ripps, Delray Beach, Florida

Once again, WCC earned my trust and admiration by providing a fun, safe and exciting summer for my daughter.
Deborah Granatstein & Howard Szalavetz, Hampstead, Quebec

After three years of traveling with WCC, your company never ceases to amaze me! Each year I have the best staff and make the best friends.
Gabby Tanen, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

I loved this trip! It was genuinely one of the best summers I have had in my entire life. This is my fourth WCC trip and this one passed all of them. I loved that it was a smaller group. The activities were amazing, the people were so nice, and I got to explore the world. I am so happy that I came on this trip.
Bailey Fried, New York, New York

These trips have been some of the best months of my life. I have been able to immerse myself in different cultures all around the world and experience life with others who share similar interests and ultimately create friendships that will last a lifetime.
Grace Knapke, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Once again, you provided Isabel with another trip of a lifetime! She loved the kids as well as the staff. She has made memories she will never forget!
Rachael & Michael Silverman, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

Kate was my second daughter to go on this program and my son will go once he’s old enough! I can’t speak enough of the many positive things that come from it – new friends, self-confidence, getting out of the “bubble” to see other worlds and culture, appreciation for the things we take for granted and much more. I highly recommend a program with WCC to friends and family!
Michele & David Lancelot, Weston, Florida

These past three summers have been the best of my life and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone. The people and staff are all amazing and I will never forget the experience.
Sydney Seid, Dix Hills, New York

After two Westcoast trips, I can say that I have met some of the best people, participated in amazing activities, and gone on life changing trips that impacted me greatly. I will never forget traveling across the world with my best friends.
Chloe Levine, Owings Mills, Maryland

Once again, this organization put on an exceptional adventure for my teens. They made lifelong friends and had memories that will be with them forever. Phenomenal group of staff and Program Director. They seem to have become one with the entire group. Sadly, they will be graduating High School this year and can’t do any more trips, however, they’re both eager to become staff in the future and share these experiences with others.
Brandon Igdalsky, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

I don’t even know where to begin. Hands down an AMAZING experience for Zach. This is the second trip he took with you guys and you always hit the nail on the head. Lots of friends made, terrific itinerary, wonderful staff and endless fun!!
Debbie & Jeffrey Selden, Weston, Connecticut

Out of my four trips with WCC, this one to Greece has probably been my favorite. The location, activities, and the people made my experience insane!! I can never thank my staff enough. All their hard work and dedication is very much appreciated! Love them all!!
Coby Russo, Boca Raton, Florida

Jessie had a wonderful experience! She was happy to reconnect with a friend she met two years ago on the California Sprint. She liked the smaller group size on the Colorado, Utah, Arizona Adventure. She really liked all the staff. The activities were so much fun!
Jackie & David Barrett, Carmel, Indiana

This was the second WCC trip Ethan completed, and we travel often. He said this Alaska trip was his best travel experience. He highly recommends it and any community service trip. The types of people he met, and friendships made, were far superior than those from the other trips.
Sylvia & Andrew Shatz, Davie, Florida

This trip surprised me so much! I went on a Westcoast Connection trip last year that was amazing and this year was even better! The best way to spend my summer!
Eden Shaw, Atlanta, Georgia

All of my closest friends were made on Westcoast Connection throughout the past two summers with the company. No matter how far apart we are physically, we will always be together at heart. Thank you for another amazing summer in the books!
Isabel Silverman, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

Tobey enjoyed every moment of his 3rd WCC summer excursion. He especially loved the new adventures he tried, IE SCUBA and waterfall rappelling!! Thank you for exposing him to these things and so much more. He has made lifelong friendships on his WCC trips. Your counselors are wonderful and I have hope that one day Tobey may aspire to work for you!
Rianne & Matthew Sappern, Fairfield, Connecticut

As someone who has already been on two Westcoast Connection trips, even this one surpassed my expectations. Thanks to this trip, I have a third year of awesome memories.
Jared Mitovich, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey

This is my second summer doing a Westcoast trip and it was so much fun! I loved all the new experiences I had and the friends I made!!
Gabby Hoffman, Palos Verdes Estates, California

I love Westcoast Connection. I have had the 3 best summers on their programs. Thank you to the staff for everything they do!!
Casey Gold, Montebello, New York

Westcoast Connection’s Major League Madness is a trip of a lifetime. You get to travel the country and make new friends along the way. If you love baseball, I would 100% recommend this trip as you really do gain so much from becoming close to the counselors and other trip members. I have done this trip twice now, and hope even more people choose to do it in the future.
Adam Greene, Longmeadow, Massachusetts

My WCC summers have been the best summers of my life; the activities are always fun, the staff members are great, and the food is always amazing. Choosing to go on another WCC trip has been the best decision. This trip was so eye opening and I’m so grateful for the experience. WCC is an amazing company with amazing staff. In the past two years, I’ve never had one complaint about my trips.
Rebecca McCurdy, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Westcoast Connection has given me an experience like no other. I will truly never forget the people and sights on this trip. The staff was so welcoming and nice and made me feel very safe. This was my second summer going on a Westcoast trip, and I already can’t wait for next summer!!
Leah Snyderman, Voorhees, New Jersey

Both of our daughters have been on a total of four different programs with Westcoast Connection. Westcoast knows what they are doing, all the programs have been well organized with great communication from start to finish.
Tracey & Matthew Ganis, Mooresville, North Carolina

This trip was a great experience and I tried many new things that I would not be able to do with my family or on my own. Both my trip this year and last year have surpassed my expectations.
Elliot Kaftan, Birmingham, Michigan

Samie had a wonderful time on the Iceland and Greek Islands trip. She was worried that it was going to fall short of her amazing experience from last summer on the California and the Canyons tour but this trip was just as amazing if not better. She made great friendships and loved the staff. As with all of your trips, she gained independence and confidence and she came home wishing she was back in Greece with all of her new friends.
Mindy & Mark Haber, Short Hills, New Jersey

After three Westcoast Connection trips, they only get better! It truly is the best experience and I would tell absolutely anyone to choose Westcoast Connection when venturing to a summer program. I have had three incredible summers and if I wasn’t going to college, I would want to spend 100 more summers!
Kate Adler, Villanova, Pennsylvania

Westcoast Connection provides an excellent experience through all of their trips. On each of my three trips I have had the summer of a lifetime in the activities, the people, and the whole experience.
Adam Kamberg, Albertson, New York

My first summer with WCC was so much fun that I had to come back once again but this time, in Africa! I have learned so many important traditions that opened my horizon to the entirety of cultures throughout the country. When going into service for the first day, I learned that doing something so small such as high fiving a kid, it brightens their day so much! It’s the little things that make a big difference.
Jacob Grebber, Needham, Massachusetts

This was my third time sending one of my kids on WCC trips. My son went on two (Europe and Australia) and this was my daughter’s first trip. She loved it. She said the Trip Director was great and she met wonderful friends. Thank you for another great summer!
Kerri & Jeffrey Kaufmann, Jupiter, Florida

This trip has been an unforgettable experience, from the service to the friendships. WCC was able to make yet another memorable summer in a country that I wouldn’t have gone to, with an amazing group of people. It will be something I keep with me forever, from painting with the kids, to building houses from the ground up, to playing with the kids in La Carpio. Every experience was different yet equally impactful, and created a new lens in which I see the world.
Ethan Obergfoll, New York, New York

After doing the California and the Canyons trip last year, I thought there was no way I could have a better summer but with the help of my Westcoast family, this was 100% the summer of my life.
Jack Rubin, Westmount, Quebec

I had such an amazing experience on my Westcoast trip last year, I didn’t know if any trip would be as amazing, but I was wrong. This trip was so amazing and I had such a fun time. Westcoast has made my summers the most unbelievable experiences that I have ever had. Through these trips, I was able to meet new people, learn about new cultures, and explore new places. I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and make friends that I know will last a lifetime.
Carly Pearl, Freehold, New Jersey

This has been an absolutely amazing summer. I could not be more grateful for Westcoast Connection. I was scared that my trip wasn’t going to be as good as last year’s but it was just as amazing. All of the activities were absolutely amazing. I gained an even larger sense for adventure and an even larger family. I know that the connections I have made here are going to last a lifetime.
Sophia Savitz, Greenwich, Connecticut

Hannah had an unbelievable experience going to Australia. She thought it would be hard to duplicate the friendships and fun she had last summer in California & the Canyons, but this year was even better. The staff was fun & engaging, the itinerary was amazing… there wasn’t anything they missed!! The friends she made will be with her forever. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!
Kelly & Jeff Stein, Dix Hills, New York

I went on this trip after having a fantastic experience with Westcoast last summer and I was not expecting to be able to top it. However, the staff was just as amazing as last year and I had an even better summer than I could have ever imagined. Every trip member was amazing and I consider so many of them to be some of my best friends even though I just met them all last month. The trip has taught me so much and I would recommend it to anyone who loves service, adventure and getting out of their comfort zone!
Samantha Rosen, Solon, Ohio

This trip provided me with the best summer of my life. I came into this summer thinking that there was no way this trip would be better than my previous summer, but this trip was so much better. It was overall my best summer yet! I got to meet so many friends that I consider family now! Definitely recommend it!
Luke Haworth, Demarest, New Jersey

You guys did it again! Fourth time’s a charm. WOW did Jared have a fantastic experience. He is on such a high but sad on the other hand that this is his last trip. Two baseball excursions, California and now Hawaii. I asked him which he liked the best and he said all of them. Too hard to choose because each is so different and yet the common thread was great staff and a wonderful bonding experience with the kids. Allan and I can’t thank you and your team enough. The highest form of praise is that we keep coming back. Our daughter Sophie is already looking forward to her Westcoast Connection summers.
Hayley & Allan Goodman, Toronto, Ontario

Julia had a wonderful time on her trip to Hawaii. This was her second with you and each one has been life changing!! Sending Julia with WCC was the best decision that we made as parents. As a result of her experiences, the world has opened up to her.
Tina & John Weinstein, Cheshire, Connecticut

Another amazing summer for Evan! Well done WCC! From start to finish, Evan had a great experience. We seldom heard from him and when we did, he was consistently exuberant about everything he experienced. The community service was fulfilling, the kids worked well together and there were enough outside activities planned that they never tired. Accommodations were clean and comfortable. Instructors were friendly, humorous and level headed. Pictures posted online were exceptional. Great friends were made and many stories to tell. Kudos for a first-class job in every aspect of the trip.
Debbie & Alex Teperman, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

This is my third trip and there is a reason I keep coming back. We run into other trips and they always describe their trips as ‘awesome but…’ Westcoast trips never have the ‘but’, everything is amazing.
Matthew Traum, Chappaqua, New York