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About Italy Summer Programs

Food, fashion, history, art, you name it, Italy’s got it. From exploring the coastal trails of Cinque Terre or the canals of Venice to your first taste of gelato, you’ll never forget your time spent in this incredible country.

Italy is home to a staggering number of tourist wonders: UNESCO World Heritage Sites, castles, cathedrals and priceless masterpieces. The physical landscapes are exceptional, too: beaches, mountains, and miles of blue coastlines. Don’t forget the charming rustic towns, fascinating urban centers, and romantic cities. And of course, the authentic pizza, pasta and perfect espressos. Italians appreciate the finer things in life and Italy has many fine things to be appreciated. Exploring Italy on a pre-college enrichment, active teen tour or global adventure travel program is a perfect summer experience for every teenager.

Fast Facts

  • Italy is home to more than 60 million people.
  • Pizza was invented in Naples, Italy in 1860.
  • The Vatican City, in Rome, is the smallest country in the world.
  • Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites of any country in the world.