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Greek Islands - 10 days 7
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Greek Islands
10 Days
TRAVELglobal adventures
Dates Grades 7 & 8July 16 - July 25Grades 9 & 10July 14 - July 23July 21 - July 30Later DepartureAugust 2 - August 11ON TOUR 11 & 12July 13 - July 22July 15 - July 24
Current Grade7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
Price (USD) $4,399
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Greek Islands Adventure Tour for Teens

Somewhere on this student trip to Greece, between SCUBA diving in Naxos, kayaking around Santorini and touring Athens, you’ll fall in love with this gorgeous Mediterranean country. Sure, you’ll see the famous monuments and highlights but don’t be surprised when the warmth of the local people you meet makes you want to stay in this island paradise forever. We group the teens traveling on this program into co-ed, age-compatible groups that are fun and inclusive for all. This small group format with a very detailed itinerary also allows travelers some flexibility along the way to perhaps find that viewpoint for the perfect golden sunset or to pick your favorite cafe on what we believe is the best Greek island trip for teens.

This 10-day program is the Greek Island portion of our longer 25-day Greece & the Islands program.

About This Program

  • What it’s Like

    Experience new cultures and thrilling activities in a smaller, tight-knit travel group.

  • Accommodation


  • Meals

    Includes breakfast and dinner daily.

  • Activities

    Includes all recreation & activities listed.

  • Transportation

    Private motor coach and occasional public transportation such as ferry and bus.

  • Middle School Available

    An exclusive departure is available for students currently completing 7th or 8th grade.

  • ON TOUR Available

    ON TOUR departures offer more independence and age-appropriate activities for older teens currently completing 11th or 12th grade.

  • Group Size

    Up to 26 participants.








Greek Islands - 10 days 7

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