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Active Teen Tours

Lily had an absolutely amazing trip, she made terrific friends and has been Facetiming with them every day since her return. She definitely came home with the “camp blues”, missing her friend group. I think she loved the independence and being with her friends 24/7 and of course all the activities. For me, I love that she had all these experiences that I could have never given her on a family trip. Thanks very much!
Joy Mashaal & Matthew Nuss, Venice, California

Jonah said the trip was life-changing! He loved all of the sights and adventure activities. He is usually a cautious teen when it comes to new activities but he embraced all of them on the trip and exceeded his own expectations. Jonah loved all of his counselors and Trip Director, Sydney.
Dara & Mark Wassersug, Atlanta, Georgia

This is our 3rd summer with Westcoast Connection and it was another wonderful experience for my twins. They had an amazing time traveling and meeting new friends. The staff is always caring and responsible. Their Director Ashley is amazing! She is always there to answer any questions and my kids loved being with her. The trip went smoothly and my kids came home sad because it was over!
Jennifer & Mitch Leidner, New York, New York

I had an amazing time on my trip. I met kids from all over the USA and Canada and was able to gain close relationships with many people. Derek was an amazing Trip Director and I had an amazing time with him.
Drew Frank, El Paso, Texas

My Westcoast Connection trip was a life changing experience. From making new friends to traveling to amazing new places that I’d never thought I would ever see, this trip had it all. I had a great experience and I am sure that anyone else who is going to participate on this amazing West Coast adventure will too.
Max Levine, Hampstead, Quebec

Every aspect of this teen tour and company was above and beyond incredible. Mason had the best experience, enjoyed making friends, felt safe and secure. As a parent, the communications far surpassed excellence. Thank you very much for being everything that you represented to be as a teen tour company.
Marla Gross, Weston, Florida

We will only send Morgan on Westcoast Connection programs. We always feel that the itinerary is delivered as promised— Morgan loved the autonomy and enjoyed all of the activities. She loved the counselors. All and all, it was fabulous.
Sandy & Elliot Liss, Potomac, Maryland

Philip had a great experience! He enjoyed the many adventures on the trip. He developed self-confidence and autonomy. He made many new friends. He can’t wait to go on another Westcoast Connection trip next year.
David Diskin, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Jaden had the trip of a lifetime on the California Dreaming with Westcoast Connection. The itinerary was packed but perfect. The trip leaders were teachers, and so knowledgeable and engaged with the teens. The staff were amazing to deal with. He LOVED the action-packed days filled with surfing and tubing and white-water rafting – in addition to all other places they visited and all the new friends made. He raved about the food options and loved being able to have some “free” time to hang with and experience all. I recommend it without hesitation as a fantastic summer travel program for teens. Well done – thank you and will most certainly have him experience a new trip again next summer!
Sarah & Jon Lieb, Pleasantville, New York

Westcoast Connection was an unforgettable experience and it was super fun! I made many new friends and tried many new things. My leader Witnee was so super sweet and amazing, very helpful.
Jordyn Shapiro, Highland Park, Illinois

This trip was super cool! I met some great people who I have made some great memories with!
Alexandra Stumpf, Denver, Colorado

As a former WCC camper and staff I have been so excited for my children to finally have the opportunity to do a WCC trip. I was thrilled when Danna asked to do the Ultimate California this summer. In sum, Danna LOVED the trip. She absolutely adored the Director and said the staff were really wonderful. Her favorite activity was white water rafting, and loved the sites and activities throughout (even though she has already been to all the places she has visited) – she noted it was way more fun on this trip!! 🙂 She was pushed out of her comfort zone which was no doubt difficult for her as she generally likes structure and order, and we know this will have a long-lasting positive impact. She enjoyed visiting the LA food bank and having an opportunity to do community service, and noted this morning she is now an ‘expert’ at doing laundry (we are very thankful for this one!!!!). We were thrilled to hear her say she wishes it was longer and would do it again in a heartbeat and beyond happy to hear her say it was the best summer of her life. Thank you!!!
Stacey & Gali Bar-Ziv, Toronto, Ontario

Samantha, once again, had the summer of a LIFETIME!!!! She is already in countdown mode to take her next trip! Samantha’s experience on the Westcoast Connection trips have truly been lifechanging…she’s learned independence, confidence and has made friendships that will last a lifetime. We can’t thank you enough!
Leslie & David Byck, Wellington, Florida

Thank you for giving Isabel the memories and summer of a lifetime! She loved visiting the incredible destinations and adored all of the staff! She made so many new friends which she will surely have for years to come!
Rachael & Michael Silverman, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

Westcoast Connection had a huge impact on my life. When I went on this trip, I had no idea anything could be this fun and life-changing. I met so many new friends and traveled the country, and learning many new things. I am 100% doing a tour next year. I recommend Westcoast, and appreciate the amazing summer I had with them.
Emma Hoffman, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Drew came off the plane all smiles – every phone call and text were nothing but positive. The pictures and blogs were amazing and told a story of a summer they will never forget and friendships that will last a lifetime! Looking forward to another WCC trip for next year!
Dana & Howard Taub, Hewlett, New York

This trip was the best summer of my life. I have made so many incredible friends who will be in my life for years and years to come. Westcoast has allowed me to bond with people that school or extracurricular activities can’t do. I have found my second family within this group. The trip itself was also so much fun. It allowed me to further explore my adventurous side but also let me chill and talk to new people. This has been the best experience of my life and I will definitely be doing another trip next year. The staff were incredible and made the trip so much more enjoyable for everyone. I can’t wait for so many more adventures like this one.
Emily Kogan, Toronto, Ontario

Griffin got off the plane and said, “I had SO much fun!” He really loved the trip. He was entertained from morning through night, experiencing different activities and different parts of the country. The trip was a nice mix of camping and staying in hotels, and offered the appropriate amount of independence. Griffin bonded with his trip mates, including the staff, and made strong relationships that he plans to continue even while he is home. Westcoast Connection was an excellent choice!
Lori & Parker Weil, Ridgewood, New Jersey

What an incredible trip Lola had this summer! She cannot stop talking about the friends she made, the trip leaders and the adventures. Everyone was incredible and I cannot rave enough. Her leaders Lianna and Skylar were EXCEPTIONAL. Lola told me she wished the trip was longer and wasn’t ready to come home! Be prepared for another trip next summer for Lola!!
Heather & Jeffrey Eiserman, Glencoe, Illinois

Matt had a wonderful time, met lots of friends from different parts of the country, and was constantly on the move seeing amazing things in Australia!
Jennifer & Jeff Greenberg, Calabasas, California

Thank you to everyone for making Elyse’s first experience away from home an amazing one. She actually didn’t want to come home so soon, which I will not take personally, LOL. As a mother you just want your child to have happy and fulfilling experiences throughout life and that she did. She will definitely do another tour next year.
Donna Fletcher, Voorhees, New Jersey

The trip was absolutely amazing. I made so many new friends that I hope to see after the trip. It taught me how big of an impact 3 weeks can make on me. It will be hard to leave a group of such character and I’ll miss the little things about every day.
Sari Kellman, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

We have sent all four of our kids on Westcoast Connection. They all came home with great memories and had amazing experiences, meeting new friends. Dylan had lots of fun. Thank you, Westcoast, for a great summer X 4!!
Carolyn & Lawrence Sager, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Jamie went without knowing anybody and came home with so many new best friends! She came home with a stronger sense of self, a newfound love for travel and adventure and a huge smile!
Jennifer & Stephen Ashkinos, Sudbury, Massachusetts

This has been an eye-opening experience. I have learned that I love to travel and want to explore and take on new endeavors around the world. I have created friendships that will last a lifetime, memories that I will have forever, and adventures that I will never forget.
Garielle Beidner, Dresher, Pennsylvania

Andrew had a great time. He made great friends from all over the USA. He went without knowing anyone and had clearly made friends by the first evening. The staff were wonderful the morning everyone met at the airport. They were enthusiastic, friendly, excited… right away they put Andrew at ease. Andrew loved the activities such as white-water rafting, surfing, hiking the canyons and especially the Pink Jeep Tour. The California & the Canyons is a superb itinerary.
Barbara & Jeffrey Nimerofsky, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

Global Adventures

WCC has changed my life! I love traveling and exploring new places and Westcoast has allowed me to grow as a person and make new friends that I never thought I would. I have become a better person as a result and this was one of the best experiences I have ever had! Wouldn’t trade this experience for the world!
Logan Hall, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Justin had the most wonderful experience. He loved everything about the trip, especially the friends he made. This trip boosted his confidence and heightened his love of travel. He is already discussing plans to visit friends as well as try to organize the group traveling together again next summer on a different Westcoast Connection trip. Thank you for providing this fabulous experience!
Kim & Steve Goldenberg, St. Louis, Missouri

This was Spencer’s third trip with WCC and he is already talking about one more next summer! He has made lasting friends each summer. We have only positive things to say about WCC and are so impressed by the planning and execution of these trips. We are grateful for these amazing experiences Spencer has had.
Tara Cook-Littman & Owen Littman, Fairfield, Connecticut

This trip gave me the most amazing summer of my life and it was better than I could have ever expected. I made the most amazing friends and saw Europe in a way that I never could have in another environment.
Mackenzie Matyas, Bethesda, Maryland

Leah had another excellent summer with WCC. Her trip was well planned and executed. The schedule was packed with plenty of free time. The other kids on the trip were all kind and staff encouraged new friendships. Her Director was wonderful, a fun, fair guide that was knowledgeable and passed on his love of traveling to Leah’s group. Really a dream experience all around. Thank you!!
Audrey & Marc Snyderman, Voorhees, New Jersey

Westcoast allowed me the opportunity of a lifetime, in which I traveled and experienced moments that would be impossible to get with any other trip.
Rachel Nasatir, Chicago, Illinois

According to Pippa, her Director was fantastic! I really appreciated that he was a tour guide as well as a director, giving the travelers an excellent overview and factual information at every site. He was very relaxed and flexible which my daughter appreciated. She learned so much as well as had lots of fun. She made a very nice group of friends and gained a wealth of knowledge about every site and place they visited.
Shirley & Mark Bridges, Toronto, Ontario

We were very nervous sending Alexandra on this trip as she was going alone and this was her first away experience! Westcoast Connection handled all the arrangements from start to finish very professionally. It was an amazing trip for Alexandra. The activities were very well organized and fun! The kids got to really see and experience Costa Rica! Alexandra made such wonderful friendships that I know she will have for a lifetime. She is already planning her next teen tour!
Faith & Crane Gladding, Pompano Beach, Florida

This is Saxon’s second adventure with Westcoast Connection. We cannot say enough about the incredible dedication and expertise in the staff that you have. It’s above and beyond! We thank you all!
Stacy Szlaga & Seth Dinowitz, Toms River, New Jersey

Tobey enjoyed every moment of his 3rd WCC summer excursion. He especially loved the new adventures he tried, IE SCUBA and waterfall rappelling!! Thank you for exposing him to these things and so much more. He has made lifelong friendships on his WCC trips. Your counselors are wonderful and I have hope that one day Tobey may aspire to work for you!
Rianne & Matthew Sappern, Fairfield, Connecticut

I had the most amazing time on my trip! The activities, food and staff were all amazing and I love all the friends I made and hopefully will remain being friends with! I was scared to try a bunch of activities like white water rafting and SCUBA diving but everything ended up being super fun and I loved it and I am now a more adventurous person! I ❤️ Westcoast Connection!!!!!
Zoe Seiferheld, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Honestly, I don’t think words can do fair justice. The trip was fantastic and I loved it! Couldn’t have been better!
Robbie Gerofsky, Toronto, Ontario

Sarah thoroughly enjoyed Croatia, Slovenia, Austria & Czech Republic. She really enjoyed the freedom that Westcoast Connection allowed, while obviously still remaining safe. She enjoyed the mix of cultural activities and action/adventure, and thought all the accommodations were better than she expected. Sarah made tons of friends with whom she will remain in contact…she has been sharing stories nonstop since she got home! Thank you for a great trip!
Cynthia & James Galvin, Suffern, New York

Great experience for Leo. He enjoyed it very much and had a great time. New friends, new environment and a great chance to grow up.
Andrea Faelli & Tullia Centauri, Rome, Italy

This trip allowed me to make friends of a lifetime. Even though it was only 26 days I became closer to the people here that I have known my whole life. A majority of the people come into this trip alone but leave with a new family. I am forever thankful for this trip and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Danielle was by far my favorite staff. She always had a smile on her face and has a very positive vibe to be around. She was always willing to listen to what we have to say. I would love to go on another trip with her as my Trip Director and everyone would love her. We had the best times together and she was a great Trip Director.
Olivia Goldberg Palm, Beach Gardens, Florida

Everything was great, and I had such a good time! I met so many new people and did lots of new things!
Jackie Nuchow, Stevenson Ranch, California

Not only did I get to see the most amazing places but I got to see them with the most amazing people. From the rapids in Auckland, to the mountains in the National Park, to the bridge in Sydney, and to the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, I couldn’t forget this trip no matter how hard I tried. Every single day brought a new adventure and new memories that were always incredible. I am beyond grateful and I will never forget my experience.
Sophie Kearney, Essex Fells, New Jersey

From the parent’s perspective, I was truly impressed by the program. I thought the substance of the trip was great, meaning the activities selected, structure, flow of the trip, etc. I also thought the social aspects were handled well – having the girls switch up their roommates, etc. Overall, this was a great experience for Amanda.
Marla & Jason Dubin, Brookline, Massachusetts

My trip to Peru allowed me to not only explore a foreign country, but also to make lasting friendships. The places we went to like Machu Picchu and Huacachina were spectacular and the staff was always there for us. I also enjoyed learning about Peruvian culture firsthand and their history.
Elle Mezzio, Atlanta, Georgia

Sara completely enjoyed the trip. The group of kids was wonderful and warm and she made friends easily. Everyone was exciting about the adventure and eager to just have fun. Westcoast’s staff and the local guides were all terrific. Chris is an incredible leader! My daughter felt very safe and confident on the entire trip. She said Chris was very knowledgeable, kind and just the perfect program director. The overall experience was excellent. The trips are planned and executed perfectly.
Michelle & Scott Popofsky, Roslyn, New York

I gained life experiences that I could not have achieved anywhere else and have helped shape who I am. The trip leaders and the trip itself made for the most unforgettable summer of my life.
Rebecca Clark, Avon, Connecticut

Ronen the director was extremely patient, hardworking and responsible. He’s the best. I really enjoyed traveling in such an authentic style. Backpacking Europe has taught me an endless amount of skills and responsibilities that I will be able to practice in future travels. The experiences I had this summer were only possible with the incredible Westcoast Connection group of leaders. Thanks for an outstanding summer experience!
Sophie Rosenblatt, Boulder, Colorado

This trip increased my confidence and desire to travel and learn different languages. The Staff was awesome and I had an amazing time!
Jordan Goodman, Monterey, California

I loved experiencing a different culture with a trustworthy and fun group!
Michael McGrew, Bethesda, Maryland

Backpacking is incredibly fun and enriching. The program was fantastic. The staff was intelligent, friendly, and prepared. The kids all had great attitudes and the sites were magnificent. I have gained the confidence to travel by myself now and am ready for future trips.
Michael Galka-Giaquinto, Brooklyn, New York

I learned a lot about the culture of Greece and about mythology and I made some incredible friends on this trip. They are all so amazing and I feel like I will stay in touch with them for a long time.
Carly Zomick, Deerfield, Illinois

You are able to experience things outside of your comfort zone. I learned how to travel around Europe using public transportation and gained many new friends. The activities are very exciting and the places to see are very interesting.
Megan Nathel, Woodbury, New York

Elizabeth very much enjoyed her time. She loved her group leaders and said they were wonderful. She had a fabulous time and made friends for life. She loved Italy and looks forward to going back someday.
Jean Ryan, Bedford, Massachusetts

Looking back on the first day of my trip, I now realize how truly incredible it is that complete strangers became some of my best friends. I’ve learned teamwork and the importance of being yourself to become close to others.
Jeremy Shapiro, Atlanta, Georgia

New Zealand was awesome, well organized, fun activities, overall amazing. Blue duck was the best part of trip! I liked the rafting, luging, zorbing, skiing and I visited the absolute coolest most amazing places.
Noah Letofsky, Toronto, Ontario

This trip was amazing, and I met the most incredible people! It is the best thing that ever happened to me! I signed up by myself and was nervous at what to expect, this trip blew my expectations away! I met my best friend on this trip and a ton of amazing new friends that I will stay in touch with for many years to come! My favorite activities were the small things we did as a group that brought us closer. Thank you so much for the summer of a lifetime!
Morgan Wagner, Henderson, Nevada

Pre-College Enrichment

Emily has a wonderful summer with the Pre-College Enrichment program at UCLA. She made some new friends (including some from Rome!) and had the opportunity to experience dorm living and a taste of the college experience.
Nancy Bell-Sigman & Gregg Sigman, Weston, Florida

Thanks for your engagement with Chloe – perfect balance of ‘freedom to explore’ and ‘supervision’ – this was an enriching and good experience for her! Great experience for her – she loved the journalism course and was inspired!
Jamie & Kathleen Richardson, Mount Vernon, Ohio

Jake had a ball this summer. He made so many friends from around the world. He loved the staff, the accommodations and even the classes. I always felt that he was safe, when traveling with the group. The most important part, for me, what is that my son enjoyed his summer experience. He certainly did with Westcoast Connection. Thank you.
Iris & Larry Brownstein, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania

This program taught me independence while having fun and exploring Los Angeles!
Vasilisa Adukonite, Nice, France

I loved how I was able to immerse myself in the culture of Barcelona and appreciate the things around me. It was an amazing experience because I have gained lifelong friends and learned how to rely on myself. I would 100% recommend Westcoast Connection.
Amanda Lieber, Coral Springs, Florida

Our 4th summer with Westcoast and “best trip yet” was the quote we received from Casey. She said she loved the independence, self-reliance & social engagement combined with real life residency in a large European city. They excursions you put together seemed to be “just the right amount”. The director gave space to let the students develop routines, socialize & immerse themselves into the program & city culture.
Saul & Amy Richman, Pound Ridge, New York

The connections made between the kids were awesome. The leaders did a nice job getting everyone connected from the first introduction. This is hugely important to making all of them feel comfortable and at ease. It was a good mix of structured and unstructured time. Claudia had a wonderful experience. Nick was all we could ask for in a leader, and Steph was warm, caring, nurturing and on top of everything. Both made Claudia feel at ease and well cared for. Really awesome all around. Well done!
Shannon O’Mara, Needham, Massachusetts

Aaron had an amazing program that was enriching, experiential and engaging.
Jeremy & Rachel Brown, Montclair, New Jersey

This Westcoast Connection Pre-College program was what I expected and more. The staff were really understanding and caring and most importantly very fun to be around. I’m grateful that I got to meet so many new people from around the world. During the courses and activities, I had a chance to learn about new things, new people and most importantly about myself and my future regarding my education.
Kayra Oguz, Istanbul, Turkey

Savannah had a fabulous program. She enjoyed meeting everyone and made some great friends. She truly loved all of her staff. From our perspective, they were responsive, responsible, fun and trustworthy. The program was well managed, well planned and we are very happy Savannah had this experience.
Dee Dee & Marcos Lopez, Narbeth, Pennsylvania

This is a great program. It gives us a chance to meet new friends, take amazing courses, and have the best summer ever. My Program Director was very nice and I felt like I could talk to her about anything. She did everything for us to make us happy, found us some really fun activities, planned really fun days and I’m very thankful to have had her as my Program Director.
Emily Wallace, Boca Raton, Florida

Jackie liked the freedom they gave and the trust they ensued. She had a fabulous time!
Mindy & Michael Goldstein, Closter, New Jersey

This was by far Brendan’s best experience! He loved the city, the experience, the group, the staff, even the food! His roommate was a great match, the dorm was amazing, and the planned activities were well thought out and fun.
Paula & Jeffrey Lynn, West Bloomfield, Michigan

I feel much more prepared for college and independent living and have gained new helpful life skills. I have also seen new places and sights and participated in many fun activities. I have learned to be responsible in getting to my classes on time, and managing my time. The staff also worked very hard to make sure I felt happy and safe. This program has given me lasting memories and friends that I will always cherish.
Blythe Breitman, New York, New York

My WCC Pre-College Enrichment program was a fantastic experience that allowed me to fully experience Italian culture.
John Desantis, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

WCC runs excellent programs. The activities are varied and fun, like bike rides, comedy show, jazz festival. Brandon made amazing friends from so many different countries that he keeps in touch with regularly. Brandon loved many things about the program: Montreal, kids (he made great friends from around the world), and his Business Entrepreneurship class (great professor and field trips to Montreal start-up companies).
Ellen & Jonathan Silver, Mamaroneck, New York

Tessa had a wonderful experience. She really got to explore Florence and thanks to that has truly fallen in love with the city. She enjoyed the excursions but really loved the trip to the Amalfi Coast (I mean, who wouldn’t?).
Nycci & David Nellis, Kensington, Maryland

This program was a great experience for me to meet new people, learn new things, and try new activities. I had a lot of fun, and the staff was helpful and understanding. I really enjoyed the college campus and town next to it.
Max Chu, Brooklyn, New York

WCC really did well on the academic aspect of the program. The courses were well chosen. Making friends from all over the world was an unforgettable experience. The relationships built between the staff and the students became a key element to the enjoyment of the program.
Anais Guille, Paris, France

Jillian loved the program. She made some fabulous friendships and loved hearing from the guest speakers in Sports Management. She really enjoyed Cooking as well and sent us pictures every day of what they made and now wants a pasta maker for us to have at home to make our own pasta.
Caryn & Cory Davis, Alpharetta, Georgia

Abby made amazing friends this summer as well as from her program last summer. She was signed up originally for two weeks at UCLA and was so happy and not ready to come home that she extended another week. She loved every minute of her time at UCLA. The Directors, counselors, leaders are fantastic. This is Abby’s second program and each one has exceeded her expectations.
Jodi & Geoff Quintiere, Pleasantville, New York

Anton really liked his two weeks in Montréal. Especially organized classes and activities that seemed to be fully scheduled and interesting. He especially liked connecting with his peers, which for us is the main element in choosing Westcoast.
Charlotte Peters & Tom Van Gyseghem, Singapore

This was an excellent program, I enjoyed all aspects of it. I made lots of new friends and being able to experience Montreal with them was amazing. As a rising junior, I found all of the college resources incredibly valuable. Seeing colleges with kids my age was a great opportunity.
Noah Lichstein, Chicago, Illinois

On Pre-College Barcelona, I grew more confident in my verbal Spanish skills and my skills in photography grew as well. I also gained a great experience by coming to Spain.
James Gullett, Winchester, Virginia

My Psychology course was good because we learned the information in a way that wasn’t just a boring lecture. The surfing instructors taught us what we needed to learn and also gave us the freedom to then get to surf on our own.
Jack Riekena, Atlanta, Georgia

The Program Director and leaders were amazing. Sophie thought the cooking class was incredible and we have already enjoyed some of the recipes. She enjoyed the independence and the experience of living in Barcelona!
Courtenay & Ed Wallach, Bethesda, Maryland

My teachers were amazing and we did so many things and went to such cool places in photography, we even got to shoot in our teacher’s studio. It was an amazing experience!!!! My psychology teacher was also amazing. Our Director was so so sweet!!!! One of the best Directors I’ve ever had, she made such an effort to have a personal connection with each and every student and was always understanding and patient.
Tessa Karikas, East Williston, New York

The campus was perfect, beautiful. The staff was funny and friendly. All the locations we visited were interesting and amazing. The whole program was well organized.
Federica Bosio, Brescia, Italy

Everything about this program was amazing. From my classes, I learned how to cook and take amazing photos. I also learned so much about the college application process and made so many friends along the way. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone.
Jonathan Choeff, Miami Beach, Florida

Wonderful summer experience. Very organized, great communication with parents and supervision with students. Staff, classes, trips, activities and accommodations were all great. Every aspect was very well planned. Jake had an amazing time with fun, educational and rewarding experiences.
Jami & Robert Scanlon, Savannah, Georgia

Community Service

The staff is super friendly! I’ve met many life-long friends! The community service projects truly impacted me in a way that was very enlightening. The adventure activities are very fun! They made me step out of my comfort zone! I personally think everyone should try WCC! I will definitely be returning!
Willow Ackerman, Carmel, Indiana

Sofia was able to gain a new perspective on how she interacts in the world and a sense of empowerment and confidence from working in the community.
Claudia Bates, Los Angeles, California

Carolyn had an amazing time. She loved helping the people, playing with the kids and all the fun they had.
Deborah & Robert Bayha, Sharon, Massachusetts

I’m really happy I did this program. The community service was extremely rewarding and the smiles we put on people’s faces were so special.
Liat Frumer, Teaneck, New Jersey

This program was life-changing. I felt comfortable to express myself and step out of my comfort zone. I can safely say that I was happy for 10 days straight. This trip made me proud of the work I did, and taught me so much beyond my expectations. I am forever grateful for this experience and know that that friendships, interaction, and lessons learned will be with me always.
Maya Granath, Atlanta, Georgia

I am really impressed with WCC – I felt my daughter was in great hands and safe throughout the entire trip. They had so many fun activities, both fun and important. As for the community service, Lucy was so inspired to build an actual house for a family – right alongside the family. Everything was really great!
Rachel & Charles Wray, Mount Desert, Maine

Stepping out of Sarah’s comfort zone to meet new friends, try activities in a safe environment that she otherwise would not have had the courage to do and the community service was extremely meaningful. She also enjoyed experiencing another culture that was very different from her own. Sarah was very happy with the program directors and felt that they were very connected to the girls in the group and was well cared for.
Ruth & Brad Rudin, Thornhill, Ontario

From a parent perspective, I was very pleased with how this staff managed to bring the trip together by really doing everything they could in the first few days to help them all bond. I liked that they would sit them at meals in different orders in the first few days so everyone could get to know one another. I also appreciated that the kids often had to leave their phones on the bus at certain venues. This is Maddie’s third teen tour and the one that bonded the most and I really believe it was due to the staff!! Thank you for another fabulous Westcoast Connection trip!!
Lisa & Kenneth Feinstein, West Bloomfield, Michigan

Rayna had a fabulous experience, met some great girls, and loved every minute of it!
Michelle & Brian Mastin, Birmingham, Alabama

These days in Ecuador were some of the best of my life. The friends that I made are some of the most amazing people I have ever met and I have learned more from the community service than I ever could have imagined.
Avery Franks, Dallas, Texas

This program is absolutely life-changing. I am coming out of this trip with some of the best friends I have ever made, and I cannot believe I didn’t know them 11 days ago. The service projects were beyond inspiring and rewarding. I loved every single second.
Sophie Shrock, Rockville, Maryland

My staff members were like parents that became friends and my friends became family.
Emma Tishler, South Glastonbury, Connecticut

The WCC Vietnam trip was overall an amazing trip. I had such a fun time through traveling to new sites and cities as well as making an impact through community service. I had such an amazing experience with all of my friends that will last a lifetime.
Brayden Gwartzman, Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

I never would have thought that I’d make such amazing friends in such a short period of time and learn so much about the world around me.
Caroline Bomback, Mount Kisco, New York

I loved community service at the schools and concrete mixing. I gained many new friendships and perspectives I will cherish forever.
Julia Tann, Oxford, Mississippi

Westcoast has consistently provided a wonderful and safe experience for both our daughters. The logistics and organization for each trip have been excellent. The environment created for the kids was of experimentation and discovery which was important to us. Great job.
Ritu & Raj Mathur, Syosset, New York

Westcoast Connection’s service trips exceed expectations in many ways. There was a perfect balance between impactful service and adventure which made the trip itinerary perfect. The trip leaders were not only great as role models, but friends as well. They were always willing to help in any way they could to make this the best summer possible for each and every trip member.
Daphne Baker, Westport, Connecticut

The trip was meaningful and adventurous and will leave a lifelong impact. My time with Westcoast Connection has been nothing short of incredible.
Skylar Katz, Ocean, New Jersey

Great staff – amazing community service projects, the conversations/reflections about the projects at the end of a work day really made an impact on her – awesome extra activities – life changing.
Tatjana Nugteren-Gijsbrechts & Nils Nugteren, Boxford, Massachusetts

Our boys felt it was a good balance of community service and fun activities; they made some terrific friends that they have stayed in touch with and even seen since the trip. They felt proud of themselves for the community service work they did and they also gained some strong feelings of independence as it was the first time they traveled by plane alone and the longest they’ve been without us.
Rich & Brenda Battista, Santa Monica, California

It was an awesome experience, far above what I expected and I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Anyone who doesn’t go is missing out. Phenomenal staff, lifelong friends, personal accomplishment – everything was just perfect. I learned how needed my help was in other cities. The kids seem to truly appreciate my service and that was the most rewarding thing of all!
Claire Yerman, West Bloomfield, Michigan

I really enjoyed the balance of service and adventure. This program is awesome because you enjoy the adventure and the beauty of Costa Rica. However, at the same time you are humbled by the community service. It’s the perfect mix of work and fun.
Carly Kempler, Clarksville, Maryland

Doing community service in Africa was the most rewarding experience I have ever had. The relationships formed with the kids during service will never be forgotten and I will always remember them.
Amelia Eskenazi, Indianapolis, Indiana

Alaska was amazing. It was beautiful and the community service was extremely rewarding. My favorite project was Peterson Bay because afterwards I got to see my work being used. Participating on this program has opened my eyes to the beauty of Alaska and helped me change the lives of other people. It is an amazing place.
Sarah Evan, Forest Hills, New York

The Boys & Girls Club was my favorite service project because I could see the effect I was making. I am more aware of diverse backgrounds and I have met people I will never forget. The community service was rewarding and I loved it. The friends I met in California are truly my best friends ever.
Micaela Berz, Chicago, Illinois

This program was better than what I was expecting. My favorite community service project was the Boys and Girls Club because we had the chance to have fun with little kids and make them smile, also to teach them some things. The staff was just so awesome. Making friends is not a problem, everyone is friendly, sweet, and it was great to meet them all.
Nour Amhal, Casablanca, Morocco

I got to see the immediate effects I was having on the community. It was really rewarding to see the kids smile as I was playing with them. Both the community service and adventure activities were amazing experiences.
Zoe Henry, Los Angeles, California

The impact I saw being made was incredible and the work itself was very fun. Painting the woman’s house was my favorite service; hearing her story was amazing. I have learned to be more thankful for what I have and want to be more active in my community. There was a perfect amount of service, adventure, work and fun which made the experience that much better. The leaders were very fun to be around and extremely helpful. I had an amazing learning experience with memories and friendships to last a lifetime. Being able to do amazing service work in such a beautiful place was incredible. Best summer of my life.
Sarah Togman, Thornhill, Ontario

It was a perfect combo of giving back to the welcoming community, seeing majestic beauty, and creating lasting friendships. This trip could not have possibly been better! I can honestly say that I’ve had the adventure of my life thus far. I’ve made so many friendships, had so many laughs, and feel so fulfilled. I know that the memories I have made will stay with me forever, and the experiences will shape the person that I will become.
Grant Besner, Davie, Florida

The community service program was incredibly rewarding and had a perfect balance of service and adventure. I loved the Boys and Girls Club because we formed bonds with the children. This program has made me more independent and more aware of how I can contribute to serving the community. Robyn was an amazing director! I made friendships that I know will last a very long time. I would recommend this program to anyone in a heartbeat!!
Allie Mayers, Montreal, Quebec

Sammi had the time of her life. She seemed to embrace and love every part of the trip. She truly enjoyed every minute of the trip, remarked that the community service piece felt genuine and has not stopped talking about the trip.
Michele Levin, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

Thailand was the best summer of my life. The Lahu Village service project was my favorite. It was so rewarding to see an entire building that we constructed in one day. It was so eye-opening. My experience on Westcoast Connection has been amazing. The relationships and friendships that I have created have been better than I ever could have imagined. Melissa the director was so much fun! This truly was the best summer of my life.
Carly Leiter, Summit, New Jersey

Career Experiences

The Wall Street program was so much fun, I learned a lot and the staff were amazing! They were one of the best parts of this program. Everyone was so nice and the activities were really cool! I learned a lot about finance, saw a lot of New York, and made good friends.
Olivia Fisz, Deerfield, Illinois

Cherif had an amazing and enriching summer experience during his stay in New York on all levels. He made lots of friends and appreciated every moment of the Wall Street program courses and free time. Everyone was absolutely fantastic and he felt at home. Thank you Westcoast Connection team for making this summer an unforgettable experience for my son!
Amira & Hussein Korraa Halbouny, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

My Wall Street Westcoast Connection program was the highlight of my summer. I met a lot of amazing people who I still talk to everyday. The staff were amazing and I learned a lot from the lessons. I am so happy I came on this program.
Chloe Hershkowitz, New York, New York

The best part about this program is the great things you learn about investment and finance and the friendly people and staff.
Blake Skolnick, Davie, Florida

Learning with Westcoast Connection was a ton of fun and I can’t wait to come again next year. Meeting a ton of new people was awesome as well. Thanks for giving me such a great week!
Wendell Rogers, Dunwoody, Georgia

Westcoast Connection provides an informative and entertaining experience for all students. On the Wall Street program, I learned that I would love finance as a career and that finance is a lot more than just money.
Aarnav Sanghavi, Princeton, New Jersey

Jordyn had an amazing time on your Wall Street program. The activities you provided each evening far exceeded our expectations. It was incredible the amount of independence you provided to the kids while still being supervised. She made several incredible friends who she plans on keeping in touch with.
Beth & Scott Lazar, Coral Gables, Florida

Davis learned a lot, is very excited about finance even more now, enjoyed New York City, and had a lot of fun. Met new friends from all over the country and world. He really liked all the teachers. The hotel choice was very good. Davis said the dinner meals were excellent. He is excited to learn more about finance, and to return to NYC.
Rhonda & Kevin Apor, Palos Verdes Estates, California

I got to see a lot of NYC and my favorite part was definitely the classes. I learned a lot about the financial world and got to meet several professionals in the field. The information and the contacts were incredibly useful.
Bradford Cooper, Pound Ridge, New York

This was a great and engaging course, increased my finance knowledge, and the out of class activities were nice too! 10/10.
Om Shrikam, Stamford, Connecticut

Nicholas made many lifelong friends, gained knowledge of how to get around New York City, and of course learned about the Stock Market.
Courtney & Alexander Bafer, Boca Raton, Florida

ON TOUR: For Older Teens Completing 11th and 12th Grades

Hugh enjoyed the trip, the leaders, participants and your fantastic planning and implementation. He is going to college so this was his first/last WCC experience!
Emily Camiener, Birmingham, Michigan

Coming on this trip independently was something that came with feelings of uncertainty, but I quickly made friends and saw that I would have no problems fitting in.
Matt Karen, Clermont, Florida

This was Rachel’s 3rd WCC trip and each year she comes back saying it is the best. This ‘On Tour’ program gave her and me the confidence of safe travel along with the independence she is ready for. Great way to prepare for college.
Shari & Robert Kurtz, Livingston, New Jersey

Westcoast took me out of my comfort zone, spun me around, and allowed me to make new friends and have experiences that I never would have otherwise. I got to see places and people that I never even knew about. Besides learning so much about the history and culture of each city, I learned how to accept others while acknowledging our differences. I learned respect and how to make friends. I have made friends, connections, and memories that will literally last a lifetime. Thank you for everything.
Gracie Sclamberg, Highland Park, Illinois

Dillon said it was the best experience of his life. You nailed the “mix” of kids and he made lifelong friends. Dillon said the Director was “the best” and on top of everything, she related well to Dillon and the other participants and garnered everyone’s respect. Thank you for all!
Cara & Robert Londin, Roslyn, New York

This trip was amazing for Jordana! She loved every aspect of it! Places she saw, activities they did, and friendships made. Life changing experience in the most positive ways. Extremely well run, great staff, perfect amount of supervision balanced with freedoms as an ON TOUR program. Amazing group of kids and packed so many great sights and activities into every day and week.
Allison & Scott Leff, Newtown, Pennsylvania

Westcoast Connection does a great job of giving teenagers a fun and memorable experience in Europe! It’s a great balance of freedom and structure and allows teenagers to learn, enjoy, and relax all at once. I had a great experience and would definitely recommend it to a friend!
Alexandra Cooperman, Short Hills, New Jersey

Courtney and her staff were absolutely amazing!!! The kids loved each and every one of the leaders. The leaders guided the kids while treating them like mature teens. The respect was given both ways and my son has said nothing but amazing comments about the leaders. Teenagers are hard to handle and your staff knocked it out of the park! It was an amazing experience that my child will never forget. The tears of the kids coming off the plane said it all- trip of a lifetime. Please thank Courtney and each leader for making this experience the best he has ever had.
Allison & Paul Elkin, Melville, New York

Alexa absolutely loved the tour. She said the tour guides were amazing and very accommodating. This was by far, much better than her tour with another company.
Jeff & Karen Haas, Boca Raton, Florida

Great group of kids. Very cohesive, mature and fun. Lily’s Director Sarah is an incredible young woman and such a positive role model for the group. She was a terrific leader and went over and beyond to enhance the trip. We loved the independent opportunities presented as being ‘On Tour’ and felt everyone embraced the rules which resulted in an overall positive feeling each and every day.
Jill & Howard Katz, Highland Park, Illinois

This trip was a fantastic way to meet new people from around the world, find new information about yourself as well as the world in front of you. It was a fantastic experience overall.
Matthew Lambert, Rye Brook, New York

I went on European Experience and loved everywhere we went, all the sights we saw, and meeting new people. The locations were mind-blowing. This would not have been made possible without the hard work and dedication of many people, including my Trip Director, Matt. He was really cool and easy to relate to, we got along really well. I am definitely going on another Westcoast Connection trip next summer. Thank you for an amazing summer!
Lydia Rosmarin, North Caldwell, New Jersey

Baseball Tours

My kids had a blast and are already talking about wanting to do it again next year. Thanks for giving them an experience of a lifetime!
Allison & Matthew Golding, San Diego, California

Getting to explore the stadiums and get to the games early for batting practice and autographs was such a treat. And the non-baseball game activities were great as well. From playing catch at The Big House, to playing baseball/softball games with new friends, to seeing multiple Halls of Fame, the trip was a blast from beginning to end. Max had a fantastic time.
Matt Hesse & Marla Moskowitz-Hesse, Brooklyn, New York

The program was wonderful! Drew instantly made fantastic friends that he will keep in touch with long after the trip is over. The kids were kept active, but also had just the right amount of down time to relax and recharge. They saw so many amazing places and had so many wonderful experiences. The Director was fantastic! The kids were always engaged and having fun. He gave them just the right amount of independence, while at the same time always kept them safe. I couldn’t imagine a better summer!
Tracy & Richard Winkler, Needham, Massachusetts

Major League Madness was a terrific trip. It was full of fun games, activities, and adventures. I made a ton of new friends (counselors and campers) on this trip. I would highly recommend it to anyone that loves being active.
Brett Krauss, Birmingham, Michigan

Jason loved this trip. He was nervous about going alone and not knowing anyone, but within the first few hours, he said he felt very comfortable.
Lili Brillstein, Maplewood, New Jersey

Major League Madness was a fun trip with plenty of sights from the Pacific Ocean to the Golden Gate Bridge. The games were always exciting and I never knew how different all the ballparks were until I took the trip.
Noah Metz, Wilmette, Illinois

This trip was a great experience. It opened me up to many opportunities and taught me to be more independent.
Andrew Hess, Westport, Connecticut

Aden was very happy with the programming. He went on this trip not knowing anyone but met some friends and really enjoyed his experience. He really liked his Director, Skylar, he felt he was fun and supportive.
Corry & Jonathan Kreindler, Toronto, Ontario

I was blown away by this tour. I had an amazing time visiting these ballparks!
Justin Blattman, Roslyn, New York

Westcoast Connection’s Major League Madness is a trip of a lifetime. You get to travel the country and make new friends along the way. If you love baseball, I would 100% recommend this trip as you really do gain so much from becoming close to the counselors and other trip members. I have done this trip twice now, and hope even more people choose to do it in the future.
Adam Greene, Longmeadow, Massachusetts

Jagger loved the trip. He misses it. Loved the ball games, the leaders, the kids, the whole experience. He loved every aspect of the trip.
Andea & Jason Kimmel, Short Hills, New Jersey

Jordan had an amazing time… he has a huge smile every time he tells us a story from the trip. He bonded with other kids and trip leaders quickly, and then made some “best” friends on the trip. We were so impressed with the Director – very nice, personable, and outstanding qualifications to lead a trip with these boys. Jordan loved the “morning mix” playlist and still plays it every morning when he’s getting ready. I know the experience of these 10 days will last a lifetime for him. I expect Jordan will be on a WCC trip next summer too!
Michael & Alexandra Palgon, Dunwoody, Georgia

I only have positive comments regarding the Major League Madness trip. The communication from the office was extraordinarily clear, concise and positive. The trip had activities ALL of the time and the counselors (Skylar, Eric, and Tanner) promoted inclusiveness and empathy for every camper. Steven had one of the best experiences I think that he will ever have throughout his life. He enjoyed meeting people from different areas of the country who all share the same love of baseball. My overall impression is that the three counselors worked tirelessly to ensure a wonderful experience. They appeared to do this with extreme efficiency, kindness and all had a strong enjoyment of their job. I am extremely impressed with their leadership!
Linda & Alan Schwartz, Roslyn, New York