What is WCC Cares?  It is our way of giving back and bringing more meaning to our lives and others.

The WCC Cares mission: To offer meaningful life-changing opportunities to our communities inspiring lifelong volunteerism.

The back story: While operating teen summer programs with a community service focus since 2004, we’ve been moved by countless stories of how these experiences have had a direct and lasting impact on our staff, trip members and the communities involved. Always with the goal to help others, the rewards far exceed realizing the projects at hand. We’ve heard time and time again how volunteering has encouraged personal growth, cultural awareness, and a greater sense of community, leaving all those involved with a greater understanding of the role we play as global citizens.

Did you know?  That in 2017, Westcoast Connection travelers and staff combined donated over 22,000 hours of their time to non-profit organizations.

The goal: To further promote volunteerism, WCC Cares is gearing up to reach 30,000 volunteer hours in 2018!

We need your help! To achieve this goal we’re asking everyone in our network, full-time staff, summer staff, alumni and trip members to submit their volunteer hours throughout the year. By combining our efforts we can show just how committed our communities are to making volunteering a priority and to inspiring others.

Meet some of our service partners: Additionally, we continue to work with longstanding non-profit organizations to develop rewarding community service programs for the summers ahead.


Are you ready to give back in a big way?

Submit your 2018 volunteer hours:*  Please only submit volunteer hours performed outside of a WCC summer program. We’ll calculate and add WCC summer program volunteer hours separately.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.