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About USA Summer Programs

From one shining coast to the other, you might think you have the United States of America figured out, but in the land of endless opportunity, there is always more to see and do. Every one of our summer programs in the USA is outstanding in its own unique way. So whether you are considering your very first road trip or you are a seasoned teen traveler, we are certain that our many styles of travel: American teen tours, pre-college enrichment, global adventures, career experiences, and volunteer programs, will reveal this vast country to you in new, exciting and unexpected ways.

Our wide variety of programs for middle school and high school students stretch across every corner of this amazing country:  From Anchorage, Alaska in the North down to San Dego, California; from Bar Harbor, Maine in the East way over to Honolulu, Hawaii.  The US is home to many world-famous cities, sites, and landmarks. It has the kind of landscape made for road trips, exploring red-rock deserts, canyons, towering mountain ranges, lush rainforests, and gorgeous coastal shores. The sheer size of it all means that nothing is typical, not by a long shot. From bright city lights to twinkling starlight, the USA is exciting, diverse and waiting to be discovered.

Fast Facts

  • The USA is home to 327 million people.
  • The USA has won the most Olympic medals of all time
  • The USA shares the world's longest land border with Canada to the north.
  • The USA has 59 national parks. The nation’s first, Yellowstone National Park, is also the world’s first national park!