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Image of man sitting on top of beautiful Sigoldufoss waterfalls in Iceland's highlands.

Iceland Summer Programs for Teens

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About Iceland Summer Programs

A breathtaking playground for those who love nature and adventure. Volcanic forces – geysers, hot springs, lava fields – combine with icy glaciers to create breathtaking scenery, and a summer in the land of fire and ice that you won’t soon forget.

First inhabited by Vikings, Iceland has a rich culture and many strong traditions. It’s also the land of the midnight sun, which makes for long summer days perfect for exploring its sea cliffs, white-tipped mountains, magnificent waterfalls, and lush countryside. When you’re not busy exploring on our teen global adventure travel program, you’ll get to relax in the natural geothermal pools and hot springs, or sit by the ocean and spot humpback whales.

Fast Facts

  • Iceland is home to 364,134 people.
  • Glaciers cover nearly 10% of the island of Iceland.
  • There are no mosquitoes in Iceland.
  • From May to August, Iceland enjoys never-ending sunsets, or midnight sun, when the sun dips into the horizon but never sets!