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Traveling the world is one thing, making a difference as you go is a whole new experience.
Age-compatible groups for teens completing grades 7-12.

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Give a Little. Grow a Lot.

Community service programs break down barriers and build awareness and compassion. They develop teens into leaders and global citizens. It is not just about seeing a place, it’s about creating powerful, life-changing experiences.

Volunteering on a community service program helps cultivate a lifelong service-ethic, and when you reach out, you exchange ideas and experiences, creating a ripple effect that results in benefits to the larger community.

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Volunteer Program Outcomes

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A Greater Sense of Global Citizenship

What better way to understand the issues facing other parts of the world than to go and help solve them? Interact with the local people, broaden your perspective and cultural awareness, and consider the role you play as a global citizen.

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Leadership & Teamwork Skills

We work as a team alongside experienced non-profit organizations to maximize our contribution to various service projects. Stepping out of your comfort zone, contributing to the project goal, and reflecting upon your experience are all stepping stones on your way to becoming a stronger leader.

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Inspiration for Your Future

Whether you’re working with underprivileged children, helping to build a home for a family in need, or helping to protect an ecosystem from an invasive species, volunteering can help open your eyes to what really matters and inspire you to make a difference.

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New Friendships

The bonds you’ll forge while volunteering with a group of your peers are truly special. Together, you’ll share an unforgettable journey filled with exciting adventures and leave behind a lasting impact on the communities you visit.

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Service Hour Recognition

The service hours you complete over the summer are eligible toward the President's Volunteer Service Award. You'll receive a letter of completion detailing your program's service hours and projects.