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Built from ancient civilizations, Peru is home to some really incredible places on Earth. Beyond its stunning natural landscape and rich history, the Peruvian people are really what will make your visit to this South American country so memorable. 

Peru is known for many things: the vast Amazon Rainforest, spectacular Andes mountains, vast sand dunes, and ancient cities and archaeological sites of the Incan Empire. Marvel at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu, one of the seven man-made wonders of the world. Stroll through the lively pedestrian street markets and upbeat city life that show Peru’s modern side. And don’t forget about all the llamas and alpacas you’ll get to meet along the way! Whether you are looking for a meaningful community service project or a thrilling teen travel adventure, Peru surely has something for you!

Fast Facts

  • Peru is home to 34.2 million people.
  • The earliest evidence of Peruvian territory and the Norte Chico civilization was 9,000 BCE.
  • Peru is home to Cerro Blanco, the largest dune in the world often called ‘The Everest of the Desert’.
  • Three-quarters of the world’s alpaca population lives in Peru.