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  • Great Times in Greece

    Great Times in Greece 1

    Opa! Our time in Greece has been a blast so far. We continued this part of our trip on a high note, as we were literally high up in the mountains of Monodendri! Surrounded by the most beautiful mountains, we looked forward to our bus ride just for the incredible views! Our driver made the […]

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  • Beautiful Views From Thailand to Vietnam

    Beautiful Views From Thailand to Vietnam 1

    We found ourselves in Krabi with an incredible amount of activities ahead of us. The sun was out, the waters were warm, and the ice cream was delicious! The group put on some sunscreen and took to the waters by long-tail boat ride, where we toured the islands of Poda and Chicken for a full […]

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  • Lots of Fun in the Land Down Under

    Lots of Fun in the Land Down Under 2

    Our last update was from snowy Queenstown, New Zealand where we spent our final morning on the Shotover Jet Boat racing through the narrow canyons of the river at 90km/h while doing 360 spins! It was definitely a thrilling way to end our action-packed visit to this amazing country. Before we knew it we were […]

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  • Bike Rides and Scuba Dives in Naxos

    Bike Rides and Scuba Dives in Naxos 1

    As we walked down to our bus, we all took a moment to appreciate the picturesque views of Naxos. Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades, which is a group of islands Southwest of mainland Greece. After arriving at our hotel, we headed to the beach to enjoy a beachside lunch along the boardwalk. […]

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