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  • Goodbye Greece

    Goodbye Greece 1

    This week, we were exploring the Acropolis and the diverse culture that Athens has to offer, before making our way over to Naxos! Our time in Naxos was full of amazing and exciting adventures. For many of us, we tried scuba diving for the first time! We got all geared up and made our way […]

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  • Beachy Days in Sydney, Australia & Honolulu, Hawaii

    Beachy Days in Sydney, Australia & Honolulu, Hawaii

    Aloha friends and family! We have been enjoying beautiful Honolulu, our final stop of the trip. But let’s first get you caught up on our last few days in Australia. It feels like Sydney came and went so quickly but that’s only because our packed schedule allowed for so many amazing experiences.  We climbed the […]

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  • An Action-Packed Adventure in the Land Down Under

    An Action-Packed Adventure in the Land Down Under 3

    On our flight to Queenstown, we admired the beautiful mountain views from our windows. Queenstown is home to some of the most incredible sights and activities and we are so excited to catch you up on all that we’ve been up to!  On our first day there, we explored the town, played soccer and “sports-ball” on […]

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  • Enjoying the Greek Sunshine

    Enjoying the Greek Sunshine 1

    Greetings from Naxos! The last time we spoke, we were headed to the lakeside town of Ioannina, where we had a chance to wander the streets and grab a bite for lunch. After exploring the town, we were off to the infamous winding roads of Greece for a mountain walk to tour some historic bridges. […]

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