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Spectacular Santorini

Spectacular Santorini 1

It’s hard to imagine that our incredible journey is coming to an end. It feels like we all just started meeting, becoming friends and playing icebreakers at the airport. We have experienced so much together since the trip has begun!

After we finished climbing and learning about the Acropolis of Athens, we headed for our group dinner and had a chance to get some gelato. The next day, we woke up nice and early and made our way to the first day ferry of the trip. As a group, we were heading to the blissful island of Naxos. Once we arrived in Naxos, we headed to the boardwalk and ate lunch by the sea. Throughout the rest of the day, we had a chance to explore the town and stop for ice cream at the world famous Waffle House for dessert. 

On our second day on the island, we experienced one of the most memorable days of the trip. We had the opportunity to take part in a private scuba diving class and dive in the sea. After being trained and feeling confident with our new skills, we took part in a guided “under the sea” experience. Later that evening, in order to relax and unwind, we went into town to dance at the Ocean Nightclub!

The next day, we headed to a private cooking class. A Greek grandmother who had been cooking for decades guided us through as we made fresh stuffed peppers and homemade tzatziki for lunch! It was one of the best lunches of the trip. Later that day, trip members had the opportunity to layout and relax in a sandy beach or go for a bike ride and explore the town. After an exhausting day we capped off the night by singing karaoke!

The next day we were off to our second island of the trip, the world-famous Santorini! After a day at sea, we arrived at our resort and relaxed by the pool. That night for dinner, we ate our meal by the sea and watched our first Santorini sunset. After taking in the sunset, we had a chance to buy and eat some delicious Greek yogurt ice cream!

Our second day in Santorini was another truly WOW day. After taking a cable car down to the water, we got on a pirate ship and headed towards a formerly active volcano. After climbing to the volcanos’ summit, we headed back down onto our ship. After sailing around the sea, we stopped to swim towards the natural hot springs. Once we finished swimming in the hot springs, we headed to our next stop – a remote island. Here, trip members had the opportunity to have lunch and explore the island. After an amazing day at Sea, we stayed in and ate a delicious meal. That evening we took part in a trip Lip Sync Battle. Each trip member was placed onto a team and took part in the lip sync off!

For our final day in Santorini, we headed to a black sand beach! Trip members had the options of kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling or sunbathing by the sea! We even enjoyed a gyro lunch by the beach! By mid-afternoon, we traded the black sand beach for our resorts gorgeous pool. Trip Members played in the water and relaxed and enjoyed our final full day in Santorini! In order to really experience a Santorini sunset, we headed to the small seaside town of Oia. After having a chance to explore the town, we had a reserved section off area to watch the sunset. It really was a picturesque evening. After taking in the memorable sunset, we headed to dinner and enjoyed a delicious Greek dinner!

We are now on our final ferry of the trip to Athens to enjoy a final night banquet.

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