Our 37th Summer Providing Outstanding Programs for Teens
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USA & Canada - Hotels, Resorts, College Residences & Deluxe Camping
USA & Canada - Hotels, Resorts & College Residences
Baseball Tours
  • Major League Madness East, Midwest & Hall Of Fame - 11 days
  • Major League Madness East & Midwest - 15 days
  • Major League Madness East, Midwest & Hall Of Fame - 23 days
Australia and Europe - Hotels & Resorts
Completing 11th and 12th grades

In addition to our European tours and Global Adventure programs in the ON TOUR division, students completing 11th grade qualify for many programs in the Active Teen Tours, Community Service, Language Programs, Pre-College Enrichment and Global Adventure divisions.


In Europe
On The Campus Of UCLA
On The Campus of McGill University
College Preview Week

Please click here to see a listing of all of our Pre-College Enrichment courses and the locations in which they are offered.

Language Programs
Language Courses on Pre-College Enrichment Programs


Community Service & Language Programs
Community Service on Pre-College Enrichment
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