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Scenes from “Sleepless in Seattle” – Northwestern Odyssey

The Northwestern Odyssey checks in!

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Hello from Seattle, Washington!

Five jam packed days have gone by since we have arrived in Portland, Oregon on July 1st. The New York crew caught up with us at the campsite a little later than expected, but after a good night’s sleep, everyone was ready and eager for skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking at Mt. Hood the next morning. The weather was perfect for skiing in T-shirts and
there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. Then everyone met up together for a run on the alpine slide in the afternoon at the Ski Bowl.

The campsite had lots of space and activities for us to do before we sat down to a BBQ dinner. By night time, we had all bonded and more trip colors and characters started to show! We had to get a lunch prepared for the road to Seattle on Friday. On the menu was chicken caesar wraps and pasta salad. In charge of grilling the chicken was Matthew P. and Danielle. Sophie helped boil loads of pasta and Daniel O. jumped right in to help slice the chicken once it was barbequed.

The morning of our departure, everyone helped out without hesitation. The campsite was clean and the tents were taken down in less than an hour. Emma, Hayley B. and Katie couldn’t get over their first tent experience.

The bus ride to Seattle flew by as we watched the movie “Independence Day” in honor of, well, Independence Day. Although camping was fun, we were definitely relieved to be in the comfort of a hotel. (And to be honest, it is a very nice hotel!)

Friday night, our first activity in Seattle was Whirly Ball. Basically, we were divided into teams of 5 and had to throw a ball at a net while riding around on bumper cars. Nikki scored three times and Sam had the nicest catches and passes that a person can have while operating a vehicle. While we were playing, a Mexican buffet was available for us. It was really a great way to start our stay in Seattle.

On the bus ride back to the hotel, Hayley L. and Alec were able to say the names of each and every tour member, earning them the title King and Queen of the day.

The next morning, Saturday, we headed to Pike Place Market. Pike Place Market is one of the oldest markets of the United States and the atmosphere there was incredible. The people who worked there and the food they served were great as well. It was really a treat.

At the market, Grant S. bought our bus driver John a bouquet of flowers. Tess, Becky, Becca P., Becca W. and Rachel came back to the meeting spot with fresh fruit, veggies and salads. They had a picnic outside by the waterfront. They also bought some really cool local jewelry. Katie Y. arrived from a trip she had in Nicaragua and was greeted by her friends who couldn’t wait to see her.

When our trip to the market finished, we made our way to the Experience Music Project where we had the chance to experiment with different music studio equipment, venture through a Sci-Fi exhibit, and even take part in a Muppet Puppet show at the Muppet exhibit! Tyler B. and Allan found a room where your voice changes when you speak into the microphone and stayed there for nearly half hour.

Next, we rode an elevator 605 feet up to the top of the Seattle Space Needle. Carly was first to whip out her camera and capture the scenery that surrounded us. Most of what we saw was beautiful mountains in the distance and the city life around the ocean, lakes and bays.

For dinner, we went to Gameworks. We played at the arcade for an hour or two. Hayley W. joined the staff in a game of air hockey, and Steph played a few car racing games.

Before we knew it, we were standing on a bridge overlooking Union Bay. We were able to watch the GasWorks fireworks show there. Who knew they had fire works shaped like smiley faces?

We celebrate our activities by drawing pictures on the bus windows with special markers. After the fireworks, Tyler Z., David, Michael, and both Jacobs drew us a great fire work display on the window. Everyone was impressed. We got back to the hotel and everyone was in high spirits.

Today, Sunday, started off with laundry. Cody, Brad, Sam and Dylan offered to help clean the bus while we waited for the laundry to dry.

Everyone got excited once we found out we’d be participating in a photo scavenger hunt. We had to go around finding people doing random things. The team with the most creative pictures will win. Everyone really made an effort to have fun with this activity.

In the afternoon, we all crammed onto a half van- half boat like vehicle for our Duck Tour around the city and Union Bay. Perri S. danced to a little bit of disco at the front of the boat and some of the girls became very interested when the tour guide pointed to scenes from the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”.

Before dinner, we chilled by the fountain near the science center and most of the boys had some fun in the water. Dinner was all you can eat Italian and our night time activity was a laser show to the tunes of a band called RadioHead. We just got back to the hotel for our final night in Seattle and kayaking awaits us in the morning.

We really enjoyed getting to know each other. Everywhere we go people have been taking note of how polite and positive we are. The group has a strong family feel.