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New Foods, New Sights, New Friends – Community Service Ecuador

Hola from Quito!

With the traveling behind us and a comfy and good night’s sleep, everyone was well rested and excited to get the adventure started.  We hit it off with a bang with a visit to the official equatorial line museum (Mitad Del Mundo) where Sam A., Meredith, and Carly P. were entertained by the different experiments of the museum. As we moved on throughout the museum Carli E., Carly G. and Samie W. were impressed (and also grossed out) to learn how the ancient cultures of Ecuador would behead their enemies, boil their scalps, and shrink their heads and wear them as necklaces, Yuck!

A unique four course lunch took us out of our comfort zone as we tried real Ecuadorian food for the first time. Daniel and Jason indulged in something similar to a potato patty stuffed with cheese, delicious! Followed by a potato soup with a slice of avocado of which trip leader Boh and Jenn sipped every last drop. Our main course consisted of either grilled chicken or beef, which exposed our taste buds to a new and interesting array of flavor. We finished things off with a sweet cup of star fruit that was enjoyed by all.

The presence of the once Spanish power was alive and real as we walked the old colonial streets of Quito where Margot, Erica S. and Callen showed appreciation for the architecture and snapped photo upon photo of the modern culture mixed in with the beauty and antiquity of the presidential house and streets.

We began our second day with our first community service activities. We were greeted by the comforting waves and smiles from the children at the orphanage. Jacob A. and Kayla got their hands dirty as they learned new skills by painting the classrooms of the school.

Pierce and Brian showed off their athleticism and encouraged the kids as they played football (soccer). Some other activities with the kids included basketball, coloring and crafts. We have two more days at the orphanage so stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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