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Hitting the Slopes – Northwestern Odyssey

Hello all,

We arrived in beautiful Portland, Oregon to start our 25-day Northwestern Odyssey adventure. After breaking the ice with introductions and some games, we got ready to pitch our first tent. Working in teams of new friends, we got the job accomplished…slowly but surely, with the girls getting their site ready faster than the boys. The programs introduced us to each other and our community began to grow closer.

On our first full day, some group members hit the slopes while others went for a relaxing bike ride in the mountains. Harrison, with his snowboard buddies Jay, Spencer, Michael, Marc and Ty, carved up the mountain on their boards. While Rebecca and Hayley bridged the ski/snowboard divide and enjoyed a morning on the hills together. At a lower altitude, Steven, Sydney and Lea explored the fields and meadows with their guide on their bikes.

After returning to the campsite, we started to prepare dinner and our great Mexican fiesta became the highlight of the night! A meal of tacos, rice and salads made by Spencer, Max, Hannah, Caroline and Jon warmed us up and hit the spot. We spent the evening enjoying the luxurious facilities of our campsite and getting to know each other even more through activities led by both the staff and trip members. Jared’s guitar entertained us throughout the evening.

The next morning saw us heading out to Seattle! For our first indoor stay we checked into the hotel where Marc, Drew, Zac and SJ enjoyed the pool and fitness center. Our great dinner was only the lead up to the main event: Whirlyball! Zack A. blew us away with his skill and beat the trip leaders by scoring the winning goal with one second left on the clock.

Seattle’s renowned sunshine kept us warm all day as we enjoyed our first full day in the city. We made our mark in the market, rocked out at the Experience Music Project and rocketed off to the Space Needle, reaching new heights of fun. And we went to a baseball game. Whether we were enjoying fish in the market or treats at the ballpark, we had a fulfilling day. Eric, Ali, Alexa and Jeff really enjoyed all that the ballpark had to offer, especially the 80s themed night.

We are only a short way into our trip and with so much to come, who knows what great memories we will create?

We’ll write again soon,

Northwestern Odyssey

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