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Community Service

  • Aloha One Last Time

    Rafting and Our First Taste of Service - Costa Rica Community Service

    Honolulu has been nothing short of amazing. Our group began the week with a canoeing excursion. Shortly after, we relaxed and caught some waves on Waikiki beach. The trip members enjoyed the beach and all agreed that this was one of their favorites we had been to thus far on our trip! The next day, […]

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  • Treating Patients and Building a Home in Ecuador

    Treating Patients and Building a Home in Ecuador 2

    Hola one last time!  Our time in Riobamba was incredible and we can proudly say that we have supported over 180 patients during our clinical care and helped to build a man’s home.  With MEDLIFE, we supported two new communities with medical care. Program Members had the opportunity to experience each and every station. Through […]

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  • Meaningful Service and Thrilling Adventure

    Meaningful Service and Thrilling Adventure

    Since our last update, we have seen a world of service and adventure. After wrapping up our painting project with Urbarium, we left with a sense of pride knowing that we were able to positively impact their community. Urbarium’s mantra of “Communidad Vibrante” really resonated with our Program Members and showed through the vibrant colors […]

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  • Exciting Experiences in Ecuador

    Exciting Experiences in Ecuador 1

    Hola from Ecuador!   Our trip has been off to a great start. From day one, we started to bond and create our own unique trip culture. We created a “community code” where we each traced our hands and wrote a word that in our eyes, defines community. For example, respect, kindness, co-creation, and inclusivity. We […]

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