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Inspired, Transformed, and Connected

Inspired, Transformed, and Connected 2

When we get home from a trip, we tend to have so many things to share with our family and friends that sometimes we forget all the details! With our jam-packed 11 days, we wanted to fill you in on our final two days in Ecuador.

From Riobamba, we headed to the Amazon River in Baños for whitewater rafting. We split up into two rafts to float down the river. We rafted through the rapids and each of us had an opportunity to sit at the very front of the boat. After a 16-kilometer trip down the river, we made our way to the thermal hot springs. 

In the evening, we had our closing banquet to celebrate our incredible trip. Each trip member was left with a “last will & testament,” which was based off something that happened to them during the trip. Next, each trip member was given a notebook, which we all took turns to write in. We like to call these notes “warm and fuzzies” so we can read them on days when we need a little pick-me-up. Last, we went around the circle and shared anything we wanted to about the trip and our experience. During this activity, we had a piece of rope that we would pass to the right. Before passing it, we would share about how the person beside us bettered the trip or our own personal experience. At the end of this activity, we made bracelets out of this rope to remind us of the memories, experiences, and lessons we learned and co-created over the last 11 days.

The next morning, we headed to Quito. We had a delicious lunch and then made our way to an Andean market for souvenirs. Our last stop was the TelefériQo (cable-car ride) to the top of a mountain in Quito for a magnificent view of the city. We all had a blast dancing and singing on the top of the mountain. 

After riding back down by cable-car, we hopped on the bus towards the airport. We shared hugs and farewell wishes. Endings are always bittersweet as we get to celebrate the connections we made and the lives we touched. Yet, there is a deep sense of somber knowing that it was time to say goodbye to our EM2 family. 

Inspired, transformed, and connected, each and every one of us is coming home with a strong sense of identity and purpose. 

Thank you for following us on our journey through Ecuador! 

The Westcoast Blogger 

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