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A New Found Love for Naxos – Backpack Greece, The Islands & Italy

Family and friends of Backpack Greece and Italy,

We began our day of touring the Ancient Greek sites of the acropolis-edge of the city.  We hiked up to the top and set eyes on the beautiful Parthenon, which once housed a breathtaking statue of Zeus. We snapped a couple photos before strolling down to the museum which sat on top of an archaeological site. It was cool to see modern renditions of many destroyed Greek statues.  We continued on to dinner in the Plaka district where we yelled Opa and smashed plates on the ground. We roamed around, shopped, and jammed on the ukulele before taking our tired legs to bed in preparation for our ferry to the beautiful island of Naxos!

Upon arrival in Naxos we headed out to the beach to rejuvenate ourselves.  We split up for lunch for a more tropical Greek style meal and took to the water to cool off right after. A few hours later the sun had us weary so we returned to our rooms to shower and prep for dinner in-town. The city was busy and alive as street performers and vendors clustered along the cobblestone roads. What excitement!  We stopped to watch the sunset and under its watchful eye, we played a quick ice breaker of speed dating. After dinner we all gallivanted over to the praised Waffle House for some delicious Waffles and ice cream. We then took our food comas back to the hotel to recharge for mountain biking and scuba diving the next two days.

BP Greece, The Islands & Italy Swimming

Scuba diving was an eye opening experience as we admired the beautifully coloured fish, turtles, an octopus and wait for it…an underwater toilet.  Breathing for an hour underwater was a foreign experience to most of us-safe to say we were hooked!  Biking through the Naxian countryside, was quite the workout. We scoped out the beach and farmlands while jamming to our tunes for a relaxing ride.

That evening we went into town for a mouth watering taste of seaside Greek cuisine. We were sure to leave some room for the famous Waffle House before strapping on our dancing shoes and taking over Day n’ Night dance club. After burning holes through our shoes we walked along the beach back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep. Next, we kicked our day off with an authentic cooking class with chef Adrianna. We made tzatziki, stuffed veggies, and Greek salad. Safe to say we were stuffed after that.

BP Greece, The Islands & Italy Biking Around Greece

When night time rolled around we walked over to the old marketplace in town and crouched our way through the winding alleys. Quaint shops and authentic restaurants lined the walls of the unique area. The food was outstanding and the ambience equal.  Unanimous approval resonated through the group.  We then split into two teams and squared off in a scavenger hunt across Naxos.  In the heat of competition, the trip members forged bonds of gamesmanship that will resonate beyond our stay in Greece. We trudged back to the hotel along the beach admiring the stillness in the water, as it rested beneath the fair shimmer of the moon.  Santorini was now on our minds- see you tomorrow!

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