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Sunsets and Smiles in Santorini

Sunsets and Smiles in Santorini 1

Our trip continued in Santorini with magnificent views and delicious food. We found one of the best views in Santorini to watch the sunset, while we had a gourmet dinner in the town of Thira. Thira had unique markets filled with lots of souvenirs and beautiful jewelry. Some of the best, most fresh foods were tried by all during our dinner. Trip Members spent time watching the beautiful sunset over the water and even snapping some photos of Santorini’s best views. It was amazing to be eating dinner from the top of the restaurant, overlooking the beautiful blue water with boats and cruise ships driving by.

The fun didn’t stop there, more amazing views were seen as we traveled down the cable car as we took in all of the different views of one of the most beautiful places in the world. Smiles and laughs were had by all as we spent the day exploring and hiking through the volcano. The group loved the views from the top of the volcano and were able to get some amazing pictures that don’t even look real! 

Ferrying on the beautiful Aegean Sea allowed us to visit more amazing attractions, including the hot springs, where Trip Members loved spending the afternoon in the beautiful warm water. The warmth of the water and sun allowed for a wonderful fun-filled afternoon, blasting music and enjoying our time together on the water. We loved spending time on the ferry and continued to form everlasting friendships with the other Trip Members. There’s never a dull moment on trip 64B!

We continued our fun with an incredible tour of The Akrotiri Ruins! This was one of the groups’ favorite parts of the trip as it was so fascinating to see what life was like thousands of years ago. The adventures continued on the beautiful red and black sand beaches where everyone had the opportunity to kayak on the beautiful sea! The waves and wind allowed for a beautiful sunny day on the water. We indulged in a gourmet lunch made from all local organic ingredients grown in the garden of the restaurant, it truly was delicious. We were lucky to have been celebrating Haylee S’s birthday while in Greece. What better way to spend your birthday than with adventure, fun and a whole new group of friends! 

We concluded our time in Santorini by exploring and watching another beautiful sunset in the town of Oia! Oia is known for all of the beautifully painted blue and white buildings which are a major tourist attraction that all trip members enjoyed viewing. It was quite magical exploring the town because of the magnificent views. We are sad that our amazing trip is slowly coming to an end but we still have an amazing last day to enjoy all together back in Athens as one big happy family! Ten days goes by fast but the memories and friendships made will last a lifetime! As we prepare for our final day and banquet, we reflect on this amazing trip that we were so lucky to be apart of. That’s all for now!

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