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Next stop Vienna!

Next stop Vienna! 1

On our way to Vienna, we stopped in the quaint little village of Cesky Krumlov, just before the border between Austria and the Czech Republic. The quiet village was the perfect place for our trip members to sit and reflect on the time we spent in the Czech Republic and get excited for our next adventure. This time was also a great opportunity for us to get some last minute souvenirs in the small shops that were around the town! 

We arrived in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria and were immediately amazed! The first thing that popped out was the architecture, it was a combination of old European charm mixed with a modern flare. After getting the chance to see some of the city, we were treated to a history lesson at Schonbrunn Palace, which was once the summer home of the Habsburg Rulers. Our trip members were in awe as we walked through the luxurious palace during our guided tour, and each room seemed more impressive than the last. Each of us can now say we have been in the same room as some of the most famous composers in history like Beethoven and Mozart, who would come to the palace to perform private shows for the residents!

After exploring the city of Vienna on bikes, we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to an Austrian amusement park. The Prater offered so much, from games to water rides and everything in between! But the most spectacular part was the enormous Ferris wheel that offered 360-degree views of the city. As we were high above the city, taking it all in, we were able to recount some of the memories we had made and look ahead to the rest of our itinerary!

We traded in the sights and sounds of the bustling city of Vienna for the much more laid back lake town of Bled, Slovenia. This village was beautiful, with its beaches, shops and lakeview restaurants. While the lake itself was breathtaking, one of the most enjoyable activities we did was on board a Pletna boat to the island in the center of the lake. It was an amazing opportunity to view the area from a different perspective and see just how stunning Bled really is, from the mountains that ended in the water to the castles perched high upon them, it was a wonderful experience. 

Our time in Bled also allowed for our trip members to get the adrenaline pumping a bit as we rushed down a slope on the picturesque alpine slide. Each trip member came down with a smile on their face and couldn’t wait to do it again! 

Some of our trip members took advantage of the beautiful landscapes by going for runs along the lake. The thrills in bled didn’t stop at the Alpine slide or runs around the lake as we also went canyoning and even rock climbing! The trip members were able to have an amazing day, as they plunged into the water on natural water slides! This once in a lifetime opportunity is one we won’t soon forget! It is safe to say Vienna and Lake Bled did not disappoint! 

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