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From Italian Pasta to Sivota and Parga

From Italian Pasta to Sivota and Parga 1

Greeting from Greece!

After tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain to make a wish, we continued to enjoy our last night in Rome! We had one final walk through the historic city and of course, had some delicious gelato! The next morning, we headed to the second city of our trip, Perugia! In Perugia, we stopped to tour a local chocolate factory. We first preceded to walk through a museum of the chocolate factory and then toured the production facilities. After endless samples of chocolate, we headed into the town square for dinner. We were lucky enough to be in Perugia while the Umbria Jazz Festival was taking place, and got to spend the night listening to live music in the ancient city center.

On day two of Perugia, we had a cooking class and made fresh Italian pasta for lunch! Each Trip Member had the opportunity to contribute to the making of a fresh delicious meal for the trip. After enjoying our home-made meal, we relaxed poolside in the Italian countryside. We were able to take in the breathtaking views and make some more memories playing and relaxing by the pool. Later that night, we returned to the city and experienced a unique Saturday night at Jazz Fest!

On our last full day in Perugia, we were fortunate to have sunny skies as we went to an Italian waterpark. Trip Members had the opportunity to bathe in the sun, swim in the pool, and slide down the water slides! On the requests of the Trip Members, we had time for one last gelato in Italy before we headed to Greece!

Upon our arrival into Greece, we went for breakfast at a local cafe and had fresh Greek pastries to start the day off right. We then spent the day relaxing by the beach and pool. For our first night in Greece, we went into the picturesque town of Parga. We had a great evening strolling around the town and trying more Greek foods.

Our next day in Greece was amazing. After having an authentic Greek breakfast, we headed to the Mediterranean Sea and went kayaking. Forty-five minutes into the paddle, we stopped on a remote island to have some fresh watermelon. We had the chance to swim in the sea and then kayaked back to the town of Sivota. We had fresh Greek food for lunch and explored the markets and boutiques in the seaside town. In the afternoon, we were headed to another gorgeous beach, this time to go boating and tubing! It truly was a WOW day, and we ended the evening by having a poolside dinner at our hotel. We then went by the beach while the sun was setting and all hung out as a group and played some games.

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