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Ice, Ice, Iceland!

Ice, Ice, Iceland! 1

Our ice, ice, Iceland trip has been off to a fantastic start! Upon arrival to Reykjavik, the trip members were fascinated by the beauty of the landscapes and completely immersed in the Icelandic culture. After completing a walking tour of the city, some of the trip members sampled fermented shark, an Icelandic delicacy. Paris and Spencer described the flavour as “the taste of the ocean”.

A highlight of the trip for many of us was the Glacier tours! We all loved hearing the guides explain how glaciers are formed and how they move around. The trip members even got to take a drink of the refreshing glacier water! 

So far, one of our most interesting meals of the trip took place at a tomato farm in Reykjavik. The trip members first learned the process of growing tomatoes all year-round in a country that only receives an average of twelve to thirteen hours of sunlight per day. We then ordered delicious dishes made from produce picked fresh from the vine.

Following our amazing meal, we geared up to go white water rafting down the Hvìta river! The trip was a perfect combination between a calm, peaceful trip down the river to an action-packed, thrilling ride! We all had a great time bonding as we took in the beautiful views surrounding us and floated back to our destination.The weather has been warm and sunny in Iceland, so it was the perfect temperature to take a swim in the refreshing waters!

As we enjoy a final Icelandic “sunset” in Reykjavik, we had time to reflect on our amazing first few days in this country. As our guide said, “You could spend weeks traveling in North America visiting geysers, glaciers, and one hundred foot waterfalls, or you can come to Iceland and do it all in one day in Þingvellir National Park”. And she is absolutely right, we’ve already seen so many amazing sights since our arrival in Iceland!

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