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Becoming More “Fond” of Switzerland Everyday

Becoming More “Fond” of Switzerland Everyday 1

Greetings from trip 50!

Since we last checked in, we’ve skied the French Alps, kayaked upon a glacial lake, experienced real Swiss fondue, and even visited the United Nations!

Our journey from Paris to Tignes was an exciting one. With multiple train and bus rides, we got a true backpacking adventure. The trip began down the mountain road that led us to the village of Tignes. This famous French ski town proved itself as a summer oasis, with 360-degree views of snow-top mountains leading down to a deep valley of crystal blue waters. Our small chalet had views of these same vistas, with mountain bikers and skiers visible right from our windows. 

With an early morning departure, the Westcoast ski squad made their way to the top of the mountain. Some of our trip members rode down the snowy slopes on that beautiful summer day. Not many people can say they went skiing on the Fourth of July! While some skied, the rest of the crew took a pleasant walk around the lake, admiring dogs and views along the way.  For the rest of the day, we took advantage of all that Tignes had to offer. With a sprawling sports complex, trip members had the choice to go paddle boarding or kayaking on the lake, shoot hoops on the basketball court, jump on trampolines, or relax by the poolside in the aquatic complex. 

The following morning, we began another active day with a beautiful hike. We rode the gondola to a peak of one of the nearby mountains and scaled the hilltops until we made our way down to the town to enjoy another French lunch. That afternoon, we continued with another day of sports and activity.

When it was time to say goodbye to Tignes, we all had fallen in love with the incredible views, decadent foods, adorable chalet, and the memories we’d made here. We hopped onto our bus to make our way across the border into Switzerland. Our ride was a memorable one, with vast views of mountain ranges and spectacular Lake Annecy. Once we’d arrived in Geneva, we got our first glimpse of the International City. We took the tram to the United Nations and got a guided tour of the complex. We learned about the building itself, which used to belong to the now extinct League of Nations and discussed the important people who walk the halls each day. For dinner that night, we had the ultimate Swiss experience at a traditional restaurant. Starting with rich cheese fondue, we were entertained by a yodeler, accordion performance, and demonstration of the alpenhorn, a gigantic wooden instrument measuring 10 feet long! 

We spent a pleasant Sunday morning roaming the quiet streets of Geneva before beginning another train journey Eastward into the Swiss countryside towards Interlaken. We could really get used to waking up each morning to the beautiful view of snow-capped mountains and blue waters.

Auf Wiedersehen for now! 

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