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Saying Goodbye to the Land of Smiles

Painting at Chiang Rai's Special School

After another fantastic week in Thailand, our trip has come to an end. This past week, we have spent time exploring Thailand’s beautiful beaches, participated in thrilling water activities and have explored some unique Thai markets. 

Throughout our time in Krabi, we enjoyed many exciting activities. To start, we went kayaking around an island, which gave us the chance to see the most beautiful scenery and the famous large rocks in the water. After working hard paddling, we went for a swim in an ocean inlet on the island. 

Another favorite activity amongst the group was SCUBA diving and snorkeling near Phi Phi Island. In small groups, we learnt about the equipment and how to use it underwater. We then put our new skills to the test and headed out for the ultimate SCUBA/snorkel adventure! Underwater, we saw a lot of colorful fish, turtles and even some small reef sharks! It was an incredible experience to be up close to so many beautiful creatures.  

To finish off our time in Krabi, we visited an emerald pool, natural hot springs, and the Poda Islands. We all enjoyed relaxing on the beach and taking in the beautiful views. 

To end our trip, we headed back to Bangkok. Here, we visited the floating and train markets. 

At the floating market, we sailed on boats passed vendors on and along the water! Next, the train market was located on an active railroad track and it was really cool to see how the vendors quickly moved their goods away from the tracks to allow the train to pass through. Then, once the train passed by, they quickly set up shop again! It was a really unique experience and we had fun visiting both of these markets! 

To celebrate our last night together, we held a final banquet. We enjoyed our last dinner as a group and then participated in a few activities in order to reflect on our time in Thailand. To end the night, we watched a slideshow with photos of all of our adventures. 

It’s hard to believe that our trip is already over! We have enjoyed every minute of our time in the land of smiles and we have created memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Thank you for following us on our adventure through Thailand!

The Westcoast Blogger

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