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Glovin’ our Baseball Road Trip

Glovin’ our Baseball Road Trip 1

We started our time in Cleveland with a relaxing movie night. We got to choose between Spider-Man and Toy Story 4. Both were huge hits! The next day, we made our way to the Cedar Point Amusement Park where we conquered our fears and screamed with excitement as we flew down some of the greatest roller coasters in the world. We even won some awesome prizes!

 Next, trip members toured the Pro Football Hall of Fame! We loved learning about the sport’s history and all of its greatest players and teams. We especially enjoyed playing each other in Madden and the touch football game on a Hall of Fame field! 

 We made our way to a nearby baseball diamond to play ball. Here, we hosted the Westcoast Connection All-Star game! Everyone got to step up to the plate and play like the big leaguers. Our group had an All-Star game to remember and everyone had a blast. 

That night, we took in an American Central heavyweight bout with the Indians hosting the Twins. More autographs were received and later in the game, we all got on the jumbotron! We also received large letters that read OHIO that we showed off on the big screen. The excitement at Progressive was just getting started, as after the game we attended the greatest fireworks festival.

The next day, we headed to the Windy City! Here, we toured the beautiful city where we saw the “Bean” and we couldn’t believe its mirror-like qualities. After touring the streets of Chicago, we headed up the great Willis Tower. Like many other times on the trip, we conquered our fears by going all the way to the top to capture some once in a lifetime views. Here, we even went on the SkyDeck glass platform, which makes it seem like you are in the air. It made for some amazing pictures! 

 We then headed to Milwaukee to watch the Brewers take on the Giants! It was a beautiful day in Miller Park. We all received matching replica Brewers jerseys and looked like big leaguers! 

 Back in Chicago for the day, we headed to the scenic Wrigley Field for a very educational tour that made us appreciate its history. After, we all hopped on the Seadog Extreme and jet boated around Lake Michigan! We admired the picturesque views of the city and a thrilling ride! We couldn’t stop laughing as the jet boat made sharp turns and splashed us with water. All dried off, we headed to Wrigley for the ball game. It was a stunning night in Chicago, a perfect night for baseball. 

 Before the game, a few trip members had the opportunity to get autographs from and speak to the great Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds! This was just the start of a great night at the ballpark.

 We can’t wait to continue our adventure as we head to Baltimore! 

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