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Food, Football, and Fun! – Spain & Portugal

As we get ready to leave the Portuguese portion of our adventure, it’s safe to say that everyone’s expectations weren’t met, they were exceeded!! The people, culture, and food in Portugal were more incredible than we ever could have imagined. “The food in Porto was by far the best out of all the places we’ve visited so far”, said trip member Madi, “All of the food was flavorful and filling, I was never disappointed. One night a small group of us went to a little Portuguese restaurant for dinner and it was one of the best times I had. That small dinner really allowed me to get closer with some people I hadn’t really had a chance to talk to as much”.

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A lot of trip members have mentioned that Portugal was their favorite part of the trip so far due to the amount of outdoor activities! From beach days to kayaking and biking, there wasn’t a moment spent not exploring this beautiful country.“My two favorite things that we’ve done in Portugal were canyoning and surfing”, reminisced Sophie, “They were both things that I hadn’t tried before and things I wouldn’t normally do but I had so much fun”. Canyoning was a major favorite throughout the group, as trip members repelled waterfalls and climbed over boulders with their new friends. Surfing in Lisbon was also a highlight, as trip members quickly got the hang of it fast and were catching and riding waves like experts!

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During the final stages of the 2018 World Cup, we were fortunate enough to be in the capital city of Lisbon! We were even able to watch England take on Croatia with thousands of locals on a big screen in the city center. “When I got there I surrounded myself with diehard England supporters and dedicated my heart to their cause” Benny mentioned, “I cheered with them and had all of my friends cheering with me”. Even the trip members who weren’t as interested in soccer were invested thanks to a game of World Cup-themed color war! Trip members were split into team Croatia and team France and participated in events such as a trip themed quiz, a dance off, and team spirit while watching the World Cup final! Team Croatia won the dance off, but it was team France that picked up the overall victory and were crowned color war champions!

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Our third stop in Portugal was in the city of Lagos, where we spent some relaxing time hanging out at the beach. “Our favorite beach was Camillo Beach”, said Jordyn, “it was secluded and beautiful with water so clean it almost looked turquoise”.

We’re delighted to say that Portugal blew us all away and that we’re very sad to leave. These experiences with our new friends have made for memories we’ll never forget, and friendships that’ll last a lifetime.

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