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Mamma Mia, We’re in Greece! – Greece, the Islands & Italy

Immediately upon arriving in gorgeous Greece, our group had an amazing four-course meal, followed by an evening of meaningful team-building activities. Everyone continued to learn unique facts about one another and bond over similar interests. The night was filled with many hugs and many trip members noted that this was their favorite night thus far. Later, the group was divided into teams for some friendly competitive fun! Each team was challenged to design original flags, mottos and national anthems (complete with dance moves)!  It was a very memorable night for all.

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We arrived in Sivota to the most beautiful ocean views and to herds of goats roaming the streets. Our day was spent relaxing at the gorgeous pool and lovely white sand beaches. Later, dressed all in white, we ventured to the neighboring town of Parga to feast on seafood and baklava. The following day we enjoyed sea kayaking in the morning, traditional gyros at lunch and tubing in the afternoon. However, the best part of the day came later, when the whole group went stargazing on the beach and shared their favorite moments of the trip to date- almost all of which were related to the incredibly connected trip family we have become. The other moments were about the food!

The next day, we headed up into the mountains of Monodendri to do some hiking, river tubing and frolicking through the clear blue waters of the natural pools near Vikos Gorge. We enjoyed lunch at a family-run organic farm, where every ingredient was harvested from the surrounding fields. The following day, the group continued their journey to Olympia to visit the archeological sites where the original Olympic games were held starting in 8th century BC. It’s also the location of one the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World-a massive ivory and gold statue of the famous Greek god, Zeus. Of course, our visit would not be complete without a relay race on the Olympic track. Congratulations to our champions, Alex V. and Adam K. who received olive branch crowns for their stellar performances.

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On the way to our next stop, we went white water rafting along the Alfeios River. This adrenaline pumping activity also included a yummy snack along the water of biscuits and local mountain tea. Our wonderful guides Elios and Spy even brought us on a short hike to a secret 15 foot waterfall! Later that afternoon we arrived in Nafplio, a coastal town with a vibrant atmosphere. Our rooftop terrace offered ocean, city and mountain views all rolled into one! Here the trip members enjoyed spending time at the beach, which was nestled between two massive cliffs, as well as the sites Mycenia and Epidavre, which are some of the oldest, most mesmerizing excavated sites of the ancient world. The magic of this seaside community was brought to life through evening displays of fireworks and floating lanterns in the harbor, as well as the sighting of a lunar eclipse.

We celebrated our arrival to Athens in true Greek fashion, with incredible food and a plate smashing ceremony!

We’ve really all had such an unforgettable journey together.

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