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Buongiorno From Bellissimo Perugia! – Greece, the Islands and Italy

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Benvenuto! We’ve been so incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderfully close-knit group that’s been able to establish a great bond. From eating endless amounts of gelato in Rome, to being serenaded on the streets of Perugia; Italy has treated us well thus far.

We spent our first day together in Rome exploring the Piazza Navona and for dinner we sported traditional togas, while listening and dancing to an opera singer and accordion player. Maddy B. expertly helped navigate the group, as our resident foodie Becca sought out some of the best spots to eat. We also each created a bucket list of things we want to accomplish on the trip and it was heartwarming to see numerous lists include, “making friends with everyone on the trip”. Jared also created a second bucket list of exciting foods to try!

Another highlight was when a few trip members recognized the singer Macklemore in the Sistine Chapel, but due to the no photos policy, you’ll just have to take our word for it! Our group was praised, by our tour guide Annalise for being so respectful and asking the most engaging questions she’s ever heard from a tour of this age group!

trip 66 blog 1 photo 1 rome

In Perugia, a small town in the mountains, we celebrated Ali’s sweet sixteen with an authentic Italian cooking class at Rafaella’s farm, followed by a pool party in her garden. Mina, Rafaella’s adorable cat, was especially popular and took a liking to Adam’s gentle nature. For dinner, our group ate at one of the best restaurants in town, that had a stunning view of the valley below. Our trip director Nicole had each trip member come up with a word to describe our beautiful birthday girl as we presented her with a massive card. More fun was had the next day at the chocolate factory in Perugia- on National Chocolate Day nonetheless! The next day we all had a blast at the Italian water park!

As we depart Italy, we turn the page to welcome a new beginning in Sivota, Greece!

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