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Benvenuti a Firenze!

Benvenuti a Firenze! 1


We are absolutely thrilled to be able to report that the PCE Florence Family are all here and ready for the summer of a lifetime! After all of our students arrived from across the globe and we all settled in, the fun began straight away. But, before getting into all of the exciting details, we wanted to wish some of our students a Happy Birthday! On the group flight from JFK to Rome, we celebrated Max L. and on a few days later we wished a very happy birthday to Emma B. and Zoe K.! Getting to know each other over birthday celebrations was an awesome way to start of the program and we’re looking forward to celebrating many more. 

During the first day in our new home, we became well acquainted with the cobblestone streets of Florence and situated ourselves beneath the glorious Duomo at the very center of the city. After grouping into Familia’s and making some great connections, we ventured out into the city for a group dinner at Trattoria Zázá located in the foodie hub of Piazza del Mercato Centrale and feasted on all kinds of Italian delicacies. In the evening, we embarked on an exciting photo scavenger hunt, which had our students striking some poses with famous statues, snapping pics of medieval bridges, and scouting the city for the most grandiose fountains while locating as many famous artisans’ names as possible.

After some rest from exploring the city and plenty of water bottles, students were ready to begin classes. Our students set off on their journeys to master fine arts, design the latest fashions, innovate the next big business, become a master chef, photograph the wonders of the city, and develop their expertise on the history and culture of Florence. Throughout the day we were treated by our cooking class to some delicious handmade pasta dishes and wowed by the stories our art history students told us about the famed architecture and craftsmanship of Florence. 

Following our morning classes, we indulged in a little gelato after lunch and began our guided tour of the beautiful city. We roamed throughout the city making stops at the Uffizi Gallery, the breathtaking carousel located at the center of the Piazza Della Repubblica, locating the home and workplace of the great poet Dante Alighieri, and of course, taking a moment by the Arno River to marvel at the Ponte Vecchio. After bidding farewell to our guide and recounting his anecdotes and quirky tales of the city, we set out for dinner in the popular food district of San Giovanni famed for its internationally renowned restaurants including a few of the winners of Italy’s Best Gelato in the New York Times. Over dinner, we caught up on all of the day’s developments and got excited for the journey ahead. 

Now onto the next adventure! I’ll give you a hint for our next exciting crusade – we’re going to get the best view in the whole city, can you guess where? We can’t wait to show you all of the magnificent photos we take and update you further on our Italian Summer. Stay tuned for all new updates and details on our Westcoast Connection adventure – until next time! 

Arrivederci, Florence’s Newest Residents

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