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Zorbing, Rafting, and Kayaking, Oh My!-Eastcoast Encounter

An update from Eastcoast Encounter

Hello again!


Lots of fun and activities have happened since we wrote last, so enjoy our news. On our way from Boston to Maine, we had an incredible morning “Zorbing”. For those of you who don’t know, Zorbing is an outdoor activity where you go inside a giant clear ball and roll down a hill while tumbling around outside. Think human hamster ball! A big congrats to Delaney on pushing her limits and successfully Zorbing down the hill! Dean really enjoyed this activity saying it was his favorite!


While in Maine, we did a great ropes course at Adventure Bound. Ben was a great helper, he took initiative and was a hands on help to the whole group. Also at Adventure Bound, we went white water rafting. This was challenging and rewardingly fun for all of us. Eric M. expressed feeling very accomplished when the course was completed! Melissa really loved rafting and was so happy she did it. Ryan Ba was really encouraging!  He motivated his raft and other groups too. Emily really took advantage of all the river had to offer and swam the “Swimmer’s rapid”.


Another nautical adventure we went on was kayaking on the Gulf of Maine. The water was calm and nature was beautiful. We even saw a Bald Eagle perched atop one of the islands in the Gulf. Allie braved the chilly water and went for a swim. Kayaking brought out the best in Emilia and she shared her funny stories. We also enjoyed a scenic bike ride along the Rockefeller Carriage Roads through Acadia National Park. Claire did the route twice, what an athlete!


While camping we had some delicious themed food nights. Chris and Cory really loved Italian night and taco night. Yum.


Now a big hello to all our followers from Mont Tremblant, Canada! We love the village here and will write soon.

Until next time

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