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“You Are the Best” – California Community Service

Dear Parents of California Community Service!

Can you believe our group has been together for only three days?! We already feel like we have known each other for much longer, we are bonding so much! It was quite exciting on the first day meeting everyone at the airport as each flight came in. And guess who else we met? Famous rapper, Fabolus! Mark and Robert tried super hard to get a picture but unfortunately Mr. Fabolus didn’t want to attract a crowd. It was still awesome to see him, and it was Ellen’s first time ever seeing a famous person in real life! She shook his hand to make it official. After arriving at UCLA and unpacking we got to spend some quality time together bowling. Chelsea demonstrated her incredible bowling talent with the highest score. Sydni entertained us as she stepped out of her shell and crossed off some items on her summer bucket list: singing out loud in public, making others smile, and introducing herself to new trip members.

On Saturday we had a lovely day at Hermosa Beach taking in the sunshine and bustle of the boardwalk. We rented some very classy bikes and took a ride along the boardwalk. We were so incredibly proud of Rachel as she had never ridden a bike before, and by the end, she was fully capable of riding by herself – such an accomplishment! Everyone took full advantage of the wonderful sandy beach playing great games of football, volleyball and Frisbee. Beth, Anna and Sam were swimming like fish in the big waves and came out of the water with giant smiles. For the evening we all went to Universal Studios City Walk and had the most wonderful waitress at Wolfgang Puck. Justin worked his magic giving her a package of sugar and saying it reminded him of her. She came back writing “You are the best,” in red jelly on a plate and gave it to Justin. When Sydni decided she wanted to do some dancing on the street the waitress joined in, but said it was the most embarrassing thing she had ever done! She told us she had the most memorable night with us. It was mutual! Walking on the City walk Justin, Mark and Rob bought light-up strap-on wheels for their shoes and became zooming advertisements making everyone in the vicinity jealous.

On Sunday (Canada Day) we had time to relax and enjoy the facilities at UCLA while celebrating the birth of Ellen, Alex and Jen’s birth country. The campus is so beautiful, we feel like we are at a resort! We did a Canada Day scavenger hunt on campus with all of the folks in the area. To name a few challenges accomplished: Hannah’s group got a bunch of people to play Duck Duck Goose with them followed by a video of a football player doing a touchdown dance; Andrew’s group convinced 3 random people to make a human pyramid with them; and Mark sang Happy Birthday to a girl on a bench. It is great to see everyone challenging themselves and stepping out of their comfort zones and bonding as a group. We are super excited to start our community service tomorrow at the Boy’s and Girl’s club and spread our love even further!

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