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We Are Off to an Amazing Start! – Costa Rica Community Service

Hola Padres!

We have been very busy and time is flying by!

We arrived in Costa Rica after a long day of traveling and met our new friends.  First impressions were great!  We made our way to a local restaurant where we tried the local Costa Rican dish Arroz con Pollo – it was delicious! We had an early night as all were excited to wake up early for our rafting voyage the next day.

The early bird catches the worm – on the first full day everyone was up early and ready for our trek into the rain forest.  We went white-water rafting where everyone had a blast and Rachel, Ellie, and Quinn decided to go for a relaxing dip in a calm pool between rapids.  We traveled through a beautiful canyon filled with local wildlife and several waterfalls!  After another delicious dinner out, we met our service partner host Gail who gave us an inspiring preview of what we could expect for the next three days during our service projects.

Throughout our first day of community service in La Carpio we accomplished so many things. During the morning alone we painted four houses! Melissa, Jake, Jen, and Lindsey were pros.  We also had the unique opportunity of building a local impoverished family a new home.  Jacob, Seth, Alex, and Jet cut re-bar while Emily and Seth removed demolished pieces of the old house.  After lunch, we went to play with local children where Jen and Emily impressed everyone with their Spanish skills.  Gianna, Vicki, and Jessica were all stars with the kids and made several new friends!

On our second day in La Carpio we continued our work painting houses and building the new home – in fact we have almost painted the entire block! We also learned how to mix concrete and are beginning to see the fruits of our labor as the house is starting to take shape.  We were excited to play with the kids once more and were saddened to know that we only had one day left in La Carpio.

After two days of service it was nice to relax by the hotel pool for a bit and then to get ready for our Latin dance lessons! We will let you know who has the most rhythm in our next update!

Pura Vida!