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Dear Parents,

Time to get caught up!! Mount Hood was a blast. The first full day we went to the park and enjoyed some time on the swings and had tons of fun swimming in the indoor pool. The next day we had an option of skiing, snowboarding, biking or participating in a small, but magnificent hike. Although Katie and Jacob were hesitant to go biking, they conquered their fears and ended up loving it! Eve, Jenna, Morgan, and Cameron hiked and enjoyed every minute of the beautiful view while having a few laughs along the way. We later went back to the campsite and made some delicious smores.

When we arrived in San Francisco, there was no time to relax, we went straight to the Oakland A’s vs. Baltimore Orioles game. Morgan was more than excited and decked out in his gear. We sat in the upper level, cheered on, and watched the home team lose.

The next morning, we woke up and had never been so excited to go to jail! The boat ride to Alcatraz was gloomy, making it feel more realistic that we were actually going to jail. The walk up to the prison was interesting to observe and it was fascinating that the buildings were in use only 50 years ago, yet they looked so old. The entire group listened intently to the audio tour and learned about the prisoners that were once residents. After Alcatraz we headed to Pier 39 to explore and grab lunch.

The next day in SF, we went to the Golden Gate Bridge and then walked up Lombard Street, the most crooked street in the country! Even though the walk was strenuous, it was completely worth it when we looked down and saw the amazing view of San Fran. We later walked over to Ghirardelli Square and enjoyed a variety of chocolate bars, milkshakes and ice cream. From there we took an extremely fun cable car ride down toward Chinatown and had a fantastic meal! After dinner, the group noticed a dance class taking place in the local park so, we decided to go and join! Noah K, Caitlin, Sydney, and Morgan had a blast showing off their moves while the participants in the class had a pretty good laugh watching us! Our last night in San Francisco, we partied at a dance club! We had so much fun getting dressed up and dancing the night away.

Lake Tahoe was a beautiful campground. In our first morning there, we headed to the beach while two boats went out at a time to water ski, wakeboard, or tube. It was fun watching Jacqui ask to go so fast that she ended up holding on for dear life! The best part of it though, was she was hysterically laughing the entire time! Eve was nervous at first but when she got on the tube, she kept telling the driver to go faster. Sarah had never gone tubing before this; but was so excited to try. She, of course, ended up loving it. After everyone was back from their activities, we had an awesome barbecue cookout for lunch and then headed to our cruise on Lake Tahoe! We enjoyed relaxing on the beautiful ship that was over 50 years old and just enjoyed looking out onto the lake from the top and front deck.

Now we are on to the city of angels. Talk to you soon!

The Westcoast Blogger

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