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Water Jumps and Kayaks and Mountains, Oh My!

Bonjour again, Family! Lots of exciting moments so far and we can’t believe one week has already gone by! On our way to Museum d’Orsay on our last day in Paris, the group spontaneously decided to perform an impromptu music video in a historical garden, starring the wonderfully talented Elana and Mitchell as the main singing duo with the rest of the group delivering the chorus and choreography. What a memory! Music, song, and dance bond people together like nothing other!

We safely arrived in Tignes, France on Monday and spent some time getting acquainted to our surroundings with a nice evening stroll around the resort. Yesterday morning, we set out to the top of Grande Motte glacier, where Jordana and Mike snowboarded like professionals while the others enjoyed their exhilarating skiing runs. In the afternoon, Stephanie, Mitchell, Jake F, Jake S, Lauryn, and Matt were the first to experience the infamous acroland water jump! Matt and Lauryn said that the adrenaline rush never ceased no matter how many times they jumped (a crazy 6 or 7 times!)

Ethan and Staci had some fun paddle boarding and Jamie, Cindy, Courtney, and Paulina enjoyed their relaxing paddleboat rides along the glacier water while watching the acroland water jumpers of the group show off their skills. On land, Jim and Megan competed in a few rounds of tennis together right before we all headed into our gorgeous chalet to get ready for a group dinner at a quaint family restaurant in the mountains. Following dinner, we set off to the discotheque to dance the night away!

On Wednesday morning, the girls found an authentic French breakfast café along the strip of our resort filled with delicious pastries, croissants, sandwiches, and hot drinks. It was a cloudy day in Tignes, but that didn’t stop Melissa, Spencer, Jake S, Stephanie and Jake F from eloquently paddle boarding their way around the glacier water while Mitchell and Mike got more rounds on the acroland water jump. After returning inside from our courageous outdoor activities, an intense 15-minute ab workout spontaneously commenced in the middle of our resort hallway with Stephanie, Lara, Courtney, Sophie F, and Rachel sweating out a routine run by Trip Leader Jamee. We were definitely feeling mighty strong afterwards! While we are all chatting in the hallway after the workout, we discovered Lara’s amazing flexibility as she chatted along while casually holding a splits position. No big deal!

Amid the ton of fun, laughs, and courageous endeavors experienced these past couple days, we wrap up a short but adventurous time in Tignes, France. Today, we head out to our next destination for some more great memories. We are looking forward to sharing our Swiss happenings with you shortly!

A bientôt!


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