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Watching the Sunset Overlooking the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano – Costa Rica Community Service

The next update from Costa Rica Community Service.

The Westcoast Blogger

Hello from Rincon de la Vieja!

We sure do have a lot of exciting things to update family and friends back home about, but you have to promise us something, try not to get jealous! Arriving at the beautiful Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin yesterday afternoon we quickly changed, ate, and prepared ourselves for an adventurous afternoon. After a surprise visit from some bulls outside of the dinning room, we took some pictures of Emily and Kelly ‘riding’ the bull and off we went to select our horses for the ride to the river. Although Peter was disappointed by the size of his horse, it proved to be just as fast as he! The horses were off and in the lead were the four musketeers (Sophie, Alison, Emily, and JP) trotting the whole entire way! The rest of us held on as we went through the rainforest, up and down hills and through the river. Despite being a little hesitant at first we were all very proud of Mallery for sticking it out on the horse and Alexa for learning how to ride her beautiful horse. We arrived at the end of our travels to be greeted by some tubes and white water! We hopped in our tubes and rode down the river although some people got more wet than others (Robyn and Nikki, and Micole). Our guide surprised us later that afternoon with a nice relaxing visit to the hot springs, but there was nothing keeping Jake and Peter from dipping in the cold river.

After hiking through the forests today, visiting 2 waterfalls, and cleansing ourselves at the mud baths we found ourselves later in the afternoon watching the sunset and overlooking the Rincon de la Vieja volcano. In reflecting on our first week in Costa Rica, we went around the circle and shared a highlight and what we are grateful for so far this summer. Among the heartwarming comments; we heard Robyn, Simon and Matt all share that they are grateful for the people and friends they have made on the program while others in the group expressed being grateful for some of the experiences we have had, and fears that they have overcome. Some if the highpoints have been swimming around the waterfall (Ilana), tubing (Gus), swimming in the ocean (Jake), having a sweet neck massage from the waterfall (Anna), and working at Habitat for Humanity (Alex, Claire).

Our adventures continue and off we are today to go surfing. Tune in next time, same time, same place, new stories and perspectives!

Hasta Luego!