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Watching the Costa Rican Sunset – Costa Rica Community Service

A final farewell from Costa Rica Community Service.

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Dear Parents of CS Costa Rica,

It’s been another great week here in Costa Rica and we’re all making the most of our last few days together. Since we last left you, we have spent more time with the children from La Carpio. Jilian, Lia and Julia bonded with some of the young children who all enjoyed the opportunity to go swimming. Ricki also led the group in parachute games and all of us enjoyed the chance to interact through soccer, circle games, jump rope and arts and crafts. That night, we ventured into town and got to see Harry Potter at the local cinema.

The next day we traveled to an indigenous community to hear from Juan Sanchez about the history, beliefs and rituals of the native people of Costa Rica, which opened up our minds to a different culture and way of life. We all had a chance to extract sugar cane juice, which Grace and Teddi were particularly skilled at!

With the community service component of our program finished, we headed off on our next day to the Saripiqui River where he boarded a boat and went on the lookout for animals in their natural habitat. We saw toucans, a sloth, monkeys and even a crocodile!

In between all of our activities we’ve still found time for some games including Capture the Flag, yoga practice, and a little song and dance including a competitive game of sing-a-long Name That Tune on the bus. Andrea was a star and kept the bus a-rockin’.

For the past two days we’ve been in the town of Dominical, on the southern coast of Costa Rica, where we’ve gone horseback riding, spotted some dolphins and swam in the sea. Tomorrow, it’s off to Manuel Antonio National Park! Sitting at our hotel watching the beautiful Costa Rican sunset, it’s time to say hasta luego and we’ll see you all in just four days!