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Wacky Times in Whistler! – American Voyageur

Hi Everyone!

We have had a wonderful couple of days since our last update–let’s start with our adventures in Whistler.

We arrived at the spectacular resort and then went to hang out in the village. Eagle, Josh M., Dahlia were spotted buying some Canadian gear at Roots, while Jared A., Seth, and Shayne enjoyed some sushi. At the end of the day, the skiers and bikers packed their lunches for the following day’s activities. They were able to pick from a smorgasbord of fresh deli meat, cheese, bread, vegetables, healthy snacks and juice boxes. Judd made a delicious turkey sandwich, while Hannah R. decided on salami.

After a refreshing sleep in, in our luxurious condos, the skiers arrived at the base of Blackcomb Mountain around 9:30 am. After everyone got fitted for their skis, snowboards, helmets, boots and poles, all 27 of us met with our 3 awesome guides Scott, JM, and Louis. We then embarked on our journey up the mountain; taking two different chairlift rides and one bus ride to the top. The chairlift rides were beautiful, it’s not often you get to sit on a chairlift at over 40ft in the air wearing a t-shirt and shorts with ski boots. The group took two runs down the mountain and then went back up to the top for a quick lunch. After lunch, the group split and Eli, Joe, Jack M., Shayne and Eric, amongst other, were brave enough to take the t-bar ride to do a glacier run. Josh L, Jessie and Hanna B. took another run to the bottom, while Sam J., Dahlia and Emory enjoyed the beautiful peak gondola ride. It was an incredible experience, we even saw a bear on our chairlift down to the base of the mountain to meet the rest of the group! It was an amazing adventure.

While the skiers were on their adventure, several of us enjoyed the Peak to Peak. While Adam and Hannah R. beat the world record for amount of “selfies” taken on a gondola. Jake tried to guess how many trees were below us (we decided it was roughly a gazillion) while Taylor was very brave and was looking out the glass the whole time. We were lucky enough to be accompanied by Symon (a WCC Director), who explained the mechanics of the gondola to us, making us feel extra secure! We enjoyed lunch at the peak. Hanna B., Amanda and Stephanie feasted on wraps and salted caramel gelato, while Sam K. and Jamie took pictures at the Olympic podium.

Next we went mountain biking along the beautiful trails of Whistler. We split into three different groups. The first was the leisure ride, consisting of Amanda, Logan, and Spencer, while the next group was mountain biking, but not extreme. In the medium group we had Noah, Adam, Ali K, and Carly. The third group consisted of several boys who were felt need for speed. This group did the extreme mountain biking – fast, no stopping, and through the woods. The medium group went through the woods as well, however, their paths had a bit more space. By the end of all three 2 hour rides, there was not one person who didn’t have a smile on their face, wasn’t happy, and wasn’t sweaty. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and it seemed to be some trip members’ best day so far. The scenery on the ride was incredible. Beautiful trees, golf courses, houses, a wedding, woods, public beaches, and locals were just some of the stuff we saw along the way. It was a great action-packed day. We were more than happy to hang out at the condos that night. We prepared our own dinners; everyone helped cook pasta and salad. Afterwards, we had a pool party. We enjoyed relaxing in the hot tub and playing football in the pool. We all slept very well that night and woke up refreshed and excited for Seattle.

On our way to Seattle, we enjoyed our last stop in Canada, at Granville Island in Vancouver. It was so nice to eat by the water, enjoying the freshest of fish, fruit and vegetables. We were so happy to be there that the smell of fish didn’t even bother us!

We arrived in Seattle just in time for dinner. We had dinner at the Rainforest Café, we munched on nachos, salad, pasta, ribs and much more, while surrounded by very realistic looking butterflies, cheetahs and gorillas. There was even a “thunder storm”. After dinner we made it to the famous Space Needle in time for sunset. It was incredible watching the sunset over the beautiful Seattle skyline. Elijah enjoyed playing with the interactive screen, while Brooke and Ali snapped some great pictures.

The next day we went to Pike Place Market where we walked and explored and saw the famous fish tossing. Some of us ventured to the original Starbucks; Danny enjoyed his very own creation of Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with Java Chips (which he swears tastes like Cookies n Cream). We went to the famous gum wall, and added to the madness by adding our own gum to the wall. Matt, Jared Z, Ali L and a few others got some ‘spa’ treatments, while Logan, Josh M., Max Sa., and others went on the ferris wheel. Afterwards, we went to the Experience Music Project where we saw exhibits on Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and were even able to make our own music videos! We must say, we are quite the talented bunch. The Adam’s Apples, The Iron Cowgirls, The Darrelz and others performed for a “live” audience, doing their own renditions of “Thrift Shop” and “I love Rock n Roll” (don’t worry, we have the DVDs to prove it!). That evening, we enjoyed a thrilling Whirlyball tournament. Whirlyball – a combination of lacrosse, basketball and bumper cars, may possibly be the best sport ever. Spencer scored several points, while Gabe played great defense.

We are just finishing our stay in Mount Hood and by the time you read this may be on a plane to San Fran – we’ll report back soon with our adventures from there.

Talk to you soon!

The Westcoast Blogger