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Viva Las Vegas! – California & the Canyons

Rise and shine…it’s Cali time!

Our 2 week trip members had an early and sad goodbye. We ate breakfast and then began our drive to Las Vegas! It was crazy driving through the desert. Looking out the window, we saw empty land with beautiful mountains and then pop up cities. When we saw Las Vegas we all cheered. We checked in to the Monte Carlo and had some chill time. Rachel P., Alyssa and Alexis enjoyed riding in tubes along the lazy river. We then walked the strip to observe the lights. Bella got some great panoramic views. Everyone loved the water show at the Bellagio. We also stopped in the Venetian. Sante and Massimo said it wasn’t like the real Venice even with an indoor gondola ride. I guess we’ll have to travel to Italy next!

Our next day we enjoyed the best sleep in so far. We then drove over to the stratosphere. After taking the elevator to the 108th floor, some of is did the X-scream ride where you slide off the side of the stratosphere in a roller coaster car and then get pulled back up. Lexi and Rachel P. faces were priceless and they have a photo to prove it. There was also Insanity where you were brought over the edge and then spun around. Lastly there was Big Shot that shot you straight up into the air. If a trip member didn’t want to go on the rides, they still enjoyed the view from the top. After our rides we then had some time to walk around the Forum shops. The ceiling was blue with clouds and made you feel as though you were outside yet still enjoying the air conditioning. Due to the heat ( only 105 degrees) we had some relaxing time at the hotel. Our dinner brought us to the streets of New York at New York New York where we also road the famous roller coaster. Wylie and Cameron couldn’t wait to go again. We ended the night full of sugar with a stop to M&M and Coca Cola World. Daria, Bella, Morgan and Alexa all bought boxers of a different M&M and couldn’t wait to show them off at bedtime. Also Ethan Z. got a cool Coca Cola soccer ball that he’ll definitely use at our campsite. We are now off the enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Bryce and Zion Canyon.

cali and the canyons
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