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Vegas & Zion & Bryce, OH MY! – California & the Canyons

Monday was another day packed with fun and activities. We spent the morning at Caesars Palace’s Forum Shops. There were many stores and restaurants to visit. After the relaxing morning, we needed to kick up the excitement a notch. That meant a trip to the top of the Stratosphere. Atop this towering skyscraper were three thrilling rides, one of which was called the Xscream ride. Sam S, Ryan, Cort, Jack and Evan were only some of the individuals that were daring enough to ride it. We had some time at the hotel for Trip Members to head to the pool, which was one big party with music and sunshine all around. It was nice to kick up our feet on lawn chairs and cool off with a refreshing swim. We finished off the day with a dinner at Buca di Beppo. After the Italian style family meal, we strutted down the Vegas strip. The weather was warm all day and through the evening. Many Trip Members were snapping pictures of all the surreal sights. We were also lucky enough to catch the fountain show at the Bellagio Hotel. It was really neat to see the fountains move to one of Celine Dion’s songs. At the end of the day, we crawled into bed at the Monte Carlo hotel and fell fast asleep, ready for our hike the next day.

When the sun rose we took a very scenic drive to Zion National Park in Utah. Once we arrived we took a hike through the grounds and it was absolutely breathtaking! Jordan P and Emma were at the front of the pack the whole way, great job girls! When we got back to the campsite, our final group competition was introduced. We have the Villains with Evan and Sam S as captains and the Heroes with Michael and Jordan D as captains. Let the games begin!

vegas and zion
Wednesday morning breakfast was kicked off with Molly and Jillian as head chefs cooking up custom omelettes. We hopped on the bus to Bryce Canyon for our second hike of the trip. It was a sunny and warm day in the canyons. All of the Trip Members completed the hike and we were proud of each and everyone of them. We went back to the campsite for an assorted lunch including grilled cheese cooked with finesse by Sam F, Sarah, Emma, Julie, Olivia, Jonathan, Ryan and Hanna. When lunch was over we knew the games were on. We set up a relay race with various stations. Sam S, Peyton, Jordan P and Jessica A needed to blow a big bubble in order for their teams to continue. Jesse, Sarah, Jack and Michael had to feed each other chocolate pudding blindfolded. Rachael, Emmy, Emma and Molly had to shave a ballon very, very fast! In the end the villains won the race and it was a well deserved victory. A villains versus heroes soccer game was up next. Some of our star players included: Michael, Harris, Jonathan, Lucas, Cort, Kyle and Austin. Once again Villains took the gold. It was almost dinner time so we jumped on the bus towards a restaurant called Chuckwagon Cookout. On the way there we did trivia with questions about the trip thus far. Heroes won that activity and it was a very close call, great teamwork Heroes! At the Chuckwagon Cookout for dinner, the Trip Members were able to get dressed up as western characters from movies. Pioneer couple Sam S and Jack were great actors along with the coyotes Jordan D and Julie. Last shoutout goes to the wagon masters Adam and Halli! All the Trip Members and even the staff wore cowboy hats as we dug into dinner. Yehaw! We got back to the campsite to celebrate to Sarah’s 16th birthday! We all had s’mores and of course a birthday cake. Happy birthday Sarah!

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