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Vegas, Zion, Bryce Canyon–Oh My! – California and The Canyons

California and the Canyons checks in from out west:

Dear Parents,

We’ve seen some gorgeous sites over the past couple of days after an awesome time in Vegas.

On Day 15 we went to the famous Forum Shops. There were marble fountains, mosaic tiles and beautiful columns..it looked like we walked into Italy! Alana, Grace, Hannah and Ashley had some fun at the Cheesecake Factory when they pretended that it was Isaac’s birthday and sent him a cake. Next we went back to the Monte Carlo to hang out at the three pools. Everyone got into the water to cool off in the Vegas heat. After relaxing we headed to The New York, New York Hotel to eat dinner and ride the roller coaster! It had loops, fast turns, and traveled at an exhilarating speed. Isaac and Morley were pumped to go upside-down, while Dylan overcame his nerves and enjoyed his ride as well. We ended the night by going to the Coca-Cola and M&M stores. Alli, Josh, Philip, Jordan, and some others tried a tray of sodas from all over the world. We all sleepily headed off to bed after a great day of fun!

On Day 16 we ate breakfast at the Monte Carlo, then headed off to the bus so we could drive to Zion National Park, an incredible national park in Utah. We all ate at the Zion Lodge, which is nestled right in the middle of the canyon, then gathered together to go on a hike in the afternoon. Max and Sophie were having a blast singing songs from “Rent” right before the group stopped to pose in front of a waterfall at the end of the trail. After hiking we went to eat dinner at Chuckwagon, a country-style restaurant and local landmark. To our surprise, we found out that many western movies have been filmed there…it has even been called “Little Hollywood”! At this restaurant we had the opportunity to be a part of our own western film. Each trip member was given a role and a costume to wear for our scene. Molly and Ari were pioneers, Taylor was a coyote, and Tomasso and Jackie were townspeople. Many of the girls were Native Americans, such as Caroline, Julia and Ashleigh, while the soldiers were played by some of the boys, including Danny, Zach, Matt and Tyler. We ate a delicious meal of homemade bread, roast beef and turkey. In the middle of our meal, our Trip Leaders surprised the group by announcing a new program. The group was divided into two with Alex and Chelsea leading 1 team and Sam and Jenn leading the other. We then traveled to our campsite, where the two groups created a skit to represent their teams. Robert starred as the Supervillain and made everyone cheer! We then had a snack and headed off to our tents.

On Day 17 we woke up and had a wonderful breakfast of homemade French toast that gave us energy to hike the beautiful Bryce Canyon. Suzie and Lauren were troopers and hiked extremely well. We then had a bit of free time to rest from our hike and to continue with our program that started the night before.

No one can believe that the last couple of days of our trip are approaching…we’ve had so much fun and are excited to head off to Arizona today!

Until next time,

The Westcoast Blogger