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Zipping Through Zion, Bryce, and Vegas – Californian Extravaganza

Californian Extravaganza in Las Vegas

Hey friends and family of Californian Extravaganza!

Welcome to Las Vegas! We had a blast staying in the Monte Carlo, which had a lazy river and pool where Nikki N, Ollie and Jon had a great time. Griffin said that the trip’s Italian dinner at Buca di Beppo was the best meal he EVER had. The trip members also loved spending time at the Forum shops, where Annabelle, Megan, Ami, and Nicole enjoyed some great food at Planet Hollywood. The roller coaster  at New York New York hotel was another Vegas highlight … Judy rode her first upside down roller coaster! Congrats Judy! Thankfully Hanna and Julia were there to sing for the entire ride, which calmed everyone’s nerves. The trip members also had an opportunity to do a ride at the Stratosphere. Jake had a great time on the “Ex-Scream” ride and Alex G was one of the few trip members who did the “Insanity” ride. The entire trip loved watching the fountain show outside the Ballagio hotel, please check out the website for our full group photo!

Zion National Park was the perfect place for a short hike and lunch outside. Ryan, Colby, and Sam enjoyed the scenery and showed off their athletic skills throughout the hike. The Chuckwagon Cookout in Kanab was dinner and a show all in one! Bravo to our performers: Nikki S and Jacob were the wagoneers and Alex G and Hanna were given the part of the wolves and Ben was a violinist. Many trip members played the Indian part including Taylor, Anna, Alex D, Ali and Sydney.  All in all, it was a very entertaining evening. That night, the trip was surprised when battle of the sexes began with a “staff roast” and the trip members put on hilarious skits about their counselors. A shout out goes to Lizzie for making us all believe that she could be the next trip director! Colby, Lizzie, Julia, Griffin, Ryan and Ollie were given the honor of being team captains and they did an amazing job.

Bryce Canyon was another beautiful hike. Congratulations Val, Danielle, Justin, Dean, Clara, Abe and Benji who opted for the most challenging hike and made it through with flying colors! Battle of the sexes continued with an Apache relay race, where all trip members completed different events. Each team created a human pyramid, go Nicole for being the top of the girls pyramid and keeping her balance so well! Jamie had to blow a bubble out of bubble gum in record time! The Apache was extremely close and came down to the last event: the human knot. In the end, the boys won the Apache relay but the girls won the evening activity, leaving the ‘battle’ to a tie-breaker. The teams competed in a lightning round of trip trivia that had to go into overtime but the boys pulled ahead in the last round. Another shout out goes to Kyle, Seth, Spencer, Jordan B, Cory, Eric, Jordan L and Zach for being great competitors throughout and helping their team during the lightning round. Congrats guys! Closing ceremonies was one of the trip’s most memorable moments. Thank you to Hanna and Danielle for singing for the group and making the night even more special.  The Grand Canyon was even more beautiful than we imagined it; and we have pictures to prove it! With only a few days left on our Californian Extravaganza, we are looking forward to spending more time together in Arizona.  As the trip winds down, your trip members will arrive home with a ton of pictures and memories to share!

We will try to write again.

Californian Extravaganza in Las Vegas

The Californian Extravaganza Team