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Va Va Vegas! – California & the Canyons

We arrived at the Monte Carlo hotel and headed down to the pool, where there was a live DJ. Everyone had fun swimming in the wave pool and lounging in the lazy river. After getting changed, we went to the New York, New York hotel for dinner. Most of us rode the rollercoaster that flies in and out of the building. Zach and Julia were skeptical about the ride, but both went on and had a blast!Counselor Caitlin was terrified the whole time but Ross talked her through it.

After the rollercoaster we stumbled across a DJ on the strip and had a dance party for an hour! Ali O., Hannah O., Sophie, Lily, and Nikki really showed off some of their dance moves. Jen, Lucy, Varsha, and Danielle did the cupid shuffle with one of the performers! After our dance party we walked part of the strip and checked out the M&M and Coca Cola stores!

The next morning we were off to the Stratosphere! Did you know it is the tallest observation tower in America and sits 869 feet above the strip? On top of the Stratosphere were 3 different thrill rides! Allie S and Jordyn sat in the front row of X-Scream! Jake was a little apprehensive tomgo on it but he ended up having a great time! Ross, Ethan, Lucy, Julia and some other trip members stayed back from the rides and watched other people (not our Trip Members!) bungee jump off the building! Wild!
California & the Canyons
We had an amazing two days in Vegas, but before we knew it, it was time to journey to the Canyons! The first stop was Zion National Park where we drove through a pitch black tunnel in the mountainside to get to the other side. It was at Zion where we broke Color War! Sophie and Ethan were made captains of the two teams and everyone was excited! After our hike at Zion we went to the campsite where we commenced the competition activities. The first challenge was to do a skit to impersonate the counsellors. Kendall, Jen, Jolie, and Griffin were spot on in their impressions.

Our campsite is right next to Bryce Canyon where everyone enjoyed the amazing view and the hike. All trip members were amazed of the uniqueness of Bryce. They say Bryce is just like being on Mars and the peaks and orange color makes you really believe that.

It’s sad to see our trip coming to an end, but we can’t wait to update you about the Grand Canyon experience yesterday and the Pink Jeep adventure today. There are still a few more highlights still to come!

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