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Until we meet again NYC… – Seventeen Fashion Experience

Until we meet again NYC... - Seventeen Fashion Experience

It is so hard to believe that our final week is finally coming to an end. With all of the fun we’ve been having, time seems to have flown by!

Our week began with a trip to the largest store in the world known as Macy’s located in Herald Square. We took a quick historical tour followed by a panel which included chats with Vice President Creative Director, Senior Manager of Social Media Communities, Director of Special Projects and Vice President Fashion Director. Each member on the panel discussed the ways in which they contribute to creating a “shopping experience” for their customers as well as their roles as innovators in the industry. They discussed the responsibilities of each of their jobs and the path to discovering their occupation in the fashion industry. They also explained that the customers are at the center of all decision making, thus driving the motivation behind the company’s decisions as a whole. Each executive member came back to the fact that it’s all about finding your mentors that help push you forward, find your authentic voice in whatever you’re passionate about, trust your gut and be open and curious above all! The panel also mentioned the value of internships to help you discover the field of work that you’re truly passionate about. The panel advised the girls that “your career is a marathon, not a sprint” meaning that they do not need to rush into finding their dream job. They reminded the girls to simply find what they love and DO IT!!!!


Lastly, Macy’s surprised the girls with the opportunity to chat with Jeff Gennette the President of Macy’s Inc. and soon-to-be CEO! The girls asked him what his transition has been like from President to CEO, who his mentors were growing up, and even how he balances work and family life. He was extremely open and told the girls what he tells his 16 year-old daughter: stay true to where your passion lies and make a career out of it. Jeff emphasized the synonymous support of both his family along with the Macy’s team to ensure success in all aspects of his life.

That night we were off to “The Edit By 17” launch party that showcased a new fashion collection brought to you by the Seventeen Editors. This collection was made up of seventeen pieces that the editors felt were staple items for the upcoming season. The girls got the chance to chat with some of the big-time bloggers such as College Fashionista along with some special guests from the well-known American television series, “Project Runway”. Our fav part HAD to be the blackberry drinks, mini donuts and the fabulous photo ops available! As if this night wasn’t already UNREAL, we all received gift bags which included the new Kylie nail polish (IT WAS SO SICK)!!! This was definitely a day to mark in the books.

The next day was a glamorous day-in-the-life of a photographer and model at Seventeen magazine. We toured the digital photography studios where we learned about how each magazine shoots their photos and how they choose their models for each shoot. The girls then got a chance to get their hair styled by the Farouk/Chi hairstylists that worked on the Miss Universe Pageant. After their hair was complete, we headed into Studio D where the girls experimented with tips and tricks from the Seventeen photographers.

If you thought it was IMPOSSIBLE for this day to get any better, IT DID!! We then headed to over to a Broadway rehearsal where one of the swings from Broadway’s hit musical Wicked taught us the lyrics and choreography to “One Short Day”. It was safe to say that the girls were belting out this song and dance for the entire day, which can attest to the amount they LOVED it!! Next on the agenda was our trip to Barbizon Modelling Agency where the girls learned the insider DOs and DONTs within the modelling industry. The panel consisted of models, instructors, managers and agents who shared some of their personal experiences working in New York City. The girls also got the chance to strike their best runway poses and walks with Miss Magic, one of the Barbizon instructors. The girls could not keep a smile off their face after this incredible session!!


Wednesday morning the girls woke up with a lot of energy ready to venture around the famous, SOHO. The girls took some cute photos in the rustic, cobblestone streets while visiting little vintage shops and street vendors on the way (the classic $5 sunglasses were a hit, of course)! Laduree macaroons were definitely a must-have as the girls finished exploring the area. Following our trip to SOHO, the girls experienced dinner in some of the most talked-about and instagrammable restaurants in NYC known as Sugar Factory, Black Tap and Catch. Some of them also caught a glimpse of the American singer and song-writer, Steven Tyler, as he was leaving dinner (super casual, right?!). Our final stop was Karaoke Duet where we literally sang and danced the night away. The girls explained that this was one of their biggest highlights of their trip as they let loose and jammed out to their fav playlist with their closest friends. To finish off, our closing song just HAD to be “We’re All In This Together” from High School Musical and it was a cheesy yet incredible finish to the night!

Day 12 meant it was our final day in the Hearst Tower (before they start interning there that is, hehe). We met with the Human Resources department in regards to hiring entry level candidates and interview tips. Elizabeth Marshall, Human Resources Manager at Hearst Tower, spoke about networking, shadowing people they know and how to give the best interview of their lives! We then met a panel of magazine editors from Cosmopolitan, Harper’s BASAAR and Elle.com who provided us with insight as to how they stay up to date and trendy in this fast industry we call fashion. To close this final session, the Executive Director of Seventeen, Joey Bartolomeo, thanked the girls for their time and let them know how much they’ve inspired the Seventeen team to push forward with current trends (all the chokers) and check out new celebs! PS: If you see Cole and Dylan Sprouse on the cover it was all because of the girls’ persistent encouragement!

Since it was WICKED night we popped into the famous Stardust Diner. The long lines that wrap around Times Square definitely got us amped for the “wicked” food and pre-Broadway show experience that we were about to enjoy.  As the waiters danced and sang around us, it only got us more and more excited than we already were for the show to come! Finally it was time to see the legendary Broadway performance of Wicked. The girls were on the edge of their seats as soon as the orchestra played the first note. The extraordinary cast, orchestra and story-line carried us through and surrounded us with overwhelming emotion. We also found the girls dancing in their seats as “One Short Day” brought Act 1 to a close. They truly felt like they were a part of the performance (shout out to the Broadway Class instructors for teaching us the choreography)!! Let’s just say, according to all of the tears of joy, the girls absolutely LOVED every moment of the performance!!!


Our last official day had finally arrived and the girls could NOT believe it was true!! We headed over to the Hudson River Pier where we boarded The Beast Speedboat. Honestly calling it “The Beast” was more than appropriate. The girls loved feeling the wind through their hair as they laughed and got splashed on throughout the whole ride. We then got the chance to see the stunning Statue of Liberty which apparently has skin that is paper thin…WHO KNEW?! Central Park was next on the agenda and our first stop was Strawberry Fields. Our staff team decided that the girls were well-deserving of the phenomenal cookies from Levain Bakery which they claimed to be “the best cookies of their lives!!”. As we continued to stroll through the park, we stopped by Sheep’s Meadow where we all joined in on some special closing games sharing our fav memories of the trip!! As our day came to an end, we ventured off to our lovely, family-style banquet dinner where everyone enjoyed their delectable meals and received emoji awards from the staff. After sharing our last “family” dinner we reflected on all of the best memories, said our final goodbyes, shared many hugs and cried a little too much (we are a group of 44 girls…would you expect any less?!?)

To say that this trip was enriching and absolutely incredible would still be considered an understatement. Until we meet again NYC…

Xoxo, Seventeen gal

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