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Until We Meet Again! – Costa Rica Community Service

Until We Meet Again! - Costa Rica Community Service

Pura Vida Costa Rica Community Service Crew!

Since our last update we have been hard at work at the English classroom at Escuela De Brazil Moro. Matt, Carl and Molly diligently worked on digging an irrigation trench so that the classroom would not flood. They learned to use new tools to soften the ground so that Britt and Becca could scoop away the dirt leveling out the ground. Chloe and Courtney exercised their teaching skills when they visited classrooms to help teach the children English. Greg and Sydney also took time and went to the classrooms to teach the students math. After the full day of service, we went to the movies to see Harry Potter during its opening week. Our service wrapped up by visiting the town of La Carpio. In La Carpio, we built bunk beds for the children. Dana amazed herself and others with her skillful woodworking, building over five beds. Tarek and Oscar were moved by what they saw while delivering and installing the beds. Gabby stated later in our group talk about how she felt empowered by giving the kids a safer and better place to sleep at night.

After ending our service portion of the trip, we were off to Dominical Costa Rica. Upon arrival in Dominical we went horseback riding for the afternoon. Jack and Abby were thrilled to get to know their horses as they crossed a river on horseback and galloped through the fields.  At night the group watched the sunset on the beach as we relaxed and celebrated Ethan’s sweet 16 with cake for all!

 The next day we set off to snorkel, sightsee and catch a glimpse of whales and dolphins. To our surprise and luck we saw numerous whales, some humpbacks coming as close as 20 feet from the boat. Sabrina and Emma were astonished by their enormous size and cuteness of the baby whale. Eric loved the dolphins and wanted to see them close up. He got a surprise when the dolphins surfaced right next to the boat putting on a show for us. Nikki and Ben loved snorkeling and seeing all the fish and pointing out different types to the rest of the group.

In Manuel Antonio the group got the best weather our guide had seen in weeks! We soaked up the sun for hours at a time relaxing on the beaches of the national park. We also got a great present from nature when our group got to see three different types of monkeys at the hotel and the beach. Banana boating brought out the more adventurous trip members whose desire to speed through the water gave them a thrill of a lifetime in the oceans of Costa Rica. Our family only has a short time left with each other and plans to make it simply the best summer ever.

As we wish each other farewell we will only look forward to sharing memories and re-living them through our stories.

Until we meet again!

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